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Breakingviews - Cox: Trans-ocean travel has zombie apocalypse vibe

Even on a busy day, Zurich’s Kloten is among the world’s easiest airports to manage. Like everything Swiss, the security queues flow in an orderly fashion, the passport control booths are appropriately staffed, the clerk at the Laderach counter efficiently packages the bark chocolate for safe carriage, and while the coffee is mostly overpriced and unsatisfying, there are multiple options throughout the complex. It is, in short, precisely what an international a

Breakingviews - Chancellor: A catastrophic failure of risk control

We live in a world in which policymakers must grapple with great and novel risks. The trouble is they keep making a hash of things. At the turn of this century, the Federal Reserve acted to ward off the threat of deflation, while at the same time the George W. Bush administration was seeking to protect Americans from Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. While those turned out not to exist, the Iraq war destabilised the Middle East at a huge cost in lives

Breakingviews - U.S. response to Hong Kong calls for precision

U.S. politicians want to swat China for ramming through sweeping security laws as part of a broader crackdown on restless Hong Kong. Starving Chinese banks of dollars to punish the most senior officials on both sides of the mainland border is a harsh option discussed on Thursday as part of a bipartisan bill. But it risks too much collateral damage. Sticking to naming, shaming and sanctioning individuals would be sharper and smarter.

Breakingviews - BlackRock is becoming the new, old Goldman Sachs

It’s a force in myriad global markets. It’s the default source for governments needing advice on the biggest financial questions. Its sprawl means that sometimes it seems to be on both sides of certain dealings. That’s Goldman Sachs, before and during the financial crisis of 2008-2009. It also describes another company today: investment manager BlackRock.

Breakingviews - Christine Lagarde is having a good crisis

Crisis is supposed to reveal character. If so, it’s showing European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde in a flattering light. The Frenchwoman on Thursday confirmed she is as capable of decisive action as her predecessor, Mario Draghi, by announcing she will buy more assets and for longer than initially planned to help the euro zone recover from a coronavirus-induced recession. But she is also luckier than the Italian.

Breakingviews - Viewsroom: Not the same as it ever was

After the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, will we still shake hands, ride elevators, go to sports matches and go on dates? Will taxes surge to pay for massive government budget deficits? Breakingviews editors chew over some highlights from their new e-book on what will change.

Breakingviews - UK's Hong Kong stance is so far mostly spin

Boris Johnson is putting spin ahead of substance on Hong Kong. The UK prime minister said on Wednesday he will open a path to citizenship for as many as 3 million residents of the territory if China presses ahead with plans to impose a new security law on the former British colony. For now, the suggested changes to the visa regime look limited and vague. That’s a missed opportunity.

Breakingviews - Warner Music is opening act for mini IPO-palooza

Equity markets are preparing for a mini fundraising festival, and Warner Music has provided the opening act. The record label shelved its initial public offering in March, but finally debuted on Wednesday with the biggest public debut in the United States so far this year, and a 20% first-day rise in its share price. There’s demand for new listings, where they fit the bill.

Breakingviews - War for Hong Kong talent is Taiwan’s to lose

Taiwan is well-positioned to poach Hong Kong talent. President Tsai Ing-wen has pledged to resettle those fleeing Beijing’s crackdown on the former British colony. It’s a rare chance for the $600 billion economy to plug a severe labour shortage and boost investment, but warm political gestures could be offset by muddled immigration policies.

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