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Commentary: Futures may legitimize Bitcoin, but let it infect other markets


LONDON Bitcoin is taking its first steps toward becoming a legitimate investment vehicle with the creation of futures contracts in the crypto-currency this month, moves which may also allow it to infect wider financial market stability for the first time.


Daily Briefing: EU peers applaud "best we've got" May

LONDON Today's session of the EU summit in Brussels will see leaders confirm Britain has made enough progress on Brexit divorce issues to move into the next phase of negotiating its transition out of the club and the outlines of a future trade deal.


Euro zone bond yields may be in for New Year shock as ECB cuts buying

LONDON Euro zone government bond yields are close to multi-month lows just as the European Central Bank is on the verge of cutting its bond-buying scheme by half, leaving some investors worried that a sharp correction may be due in 2018.


Bitcoin fever exposes crypto-market frailties

LONDON/NEW YORK As bitcoin raced to another record high on Tuesday, one of the biggest providers of digital currency wallets, Coinbase, went down under the weight of traffic, leaving many of its more than 10 million customers unable to access their funds. | Video

Big British local authority pensions step up hedge fund bets

LONDON From Essex binmen to Liverpool councillors, government pension schemes in England and Wales are investing more in hedge funds whose bets, sometimes dictated by algorithms, have included exotic holdings such as Puerto Rican debt.


Factbox: Bold calls and Black Swans - how 2018 may surprise you

LONDON Central banks are slowly (but surely) turning off the stimulus taps and many markets are at record peaks, yet judging by the extraordinarily low volatility across most asset classes, investors don't seem at all worried about a looming collapse.


Risks lurk as yen keeps BOJ from faster tapering despite stronger economy

TOKYO Regardless of a return to solid economic growth, the risk of sharp appreciation in the yen means Japan's central bank would be in no rush to exit its ultra-loose monetary policy, say sources familiar with the bank's thinking.


Hedge funds add wary sterling bets before EU summit

LONDON Sterling steadied on Monday after posting its biggest daily drop in more than a month on Friday, with investors cautiously adding some long bets at the start of a week when Britain and the EU will sign off on a deal to move to the next stage of Brexit talks.


The boldest market call for 2018? The consensus

LONDON Credit markets should brace for a U.S. recession, the U.S. yield curve will invert and growth in America will reach President Trump's lofty and oft-derided target of 4 percent.


A flash crash in FX markets occurs once every two weeks - Pragma

LONDON "Flash crashes" in the foreign exchange markets are far more common than is generally believed, a study by trading algorithm provider Pragma said on Thursday.






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