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Market Analysis

Column: Electricity access and climate change

Ensuring everyone in developing countries has the same access to modern energy services that residents of the advanced economies take for granted will require an enormous rise in electricity generation.

Take Five: What's the deal?

U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese officials have agreed to a "phase one" trade deal that includes cutting U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods.

Column: Oil consumption tracking is all about Asia

Oil market analysts must make sense of a bewildering array of statistics about production, consumption and inventories, compiled and published with varying definitions and degrees of accuracy and timeliness.

Daily Briefing: Friday the 13th - lucky for markets

It's Friday the 13th but so far for markets it’s shaping up to be a lucky day. With UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives romping home with the biggest election win since 1987, sterling has rallied to mid-2018 highs against the dollar and the highest level since 2016 against the euro, as the prospect of a hung parliament and another Brexit delay vanishes.

Brexit relief for UK economy might not last long

Britain's economy will cast off some of the Brexit uncertainty that has held it back since 2016 after Prime Minister Boris Johnson's election triumph, but the risk remains of another "cliff-edge" showdown with Brussels in a year's time.