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Commentary: How to derail Russia's energy war


As another energy conflict is erupting between Russia and Ukraine, Moscow seeks to start construction of the second branch of the Nord Stream pipeline to deliver Russian natural gas directly to Germany. While the European Union countries remain divided, the United States needs to maintain its consistent and principled position to reduce Europe’s over-dependence on Russian natural gas.


Commentary: Tillerson fall shows Trump learning game of politics

The current U.S. president is like few – if any – other leaders in American history. He reportedly shows little interest in reading briefing documents, spends much of his time on the golf course or watching cable television – all the while disagreeing with the Washington establishment on just about everything. After 14 months in the Oval Office, however, it’s hard to dispute that he is becoming more successful at marrying his idiosyncratic style with the levers of power to get his own way.


Commentary: Can Europe save the Iran nuclear deal?

In his recent meeting with Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu again urged the United States to fix the Iran nuclear deal — or else abandon it. The U.S. president has always seemed eager to scrap the Iran deal, calling it “the worst deal ever.” Soon we will know if he’ll get his wish.


Commentary: Why populists are becoming more popular

Those who feel left behind by the enrichment of the minority and the stagnation of the many are choosing to be represented by political forces that cannot give them what they need, and will likely make their lives worse.


Commentary: What critics of North Korea summit get wrong

Donald Trump has unexpectedly agreed to become the first sitting U.S. president to meet with a leader of North Korea. The reaction has ranged from cautious optimism to warnings about the inexperience of the Trump administration to flat-out criticism. The criticisms are easily dispelled.


Commentary: For Putin’s Russia, a poisoned spy sends a political message

Among those who knew Sergei Skripal in the quiet English city of Salisbury, few seem to have been aware of his background as a spy and British-Russian double agent. He frequented local pubs, bought lottery scratch cards in corner shops and joined a social club alongside local men in their 60s.


Commentary: U.S. isolationist on trade, but financially dependent on rest of world

LONDON Just as the United States is isolating itself on the global trade stage, its financial dependence on the rest of the world may be about to increase.


Commentary: Women miners shouldn't be seen as victims

Gold mining in Africa has a bad rap — particularly when it comes to women. Depictions of the trade often focus on poverty, environmental destruction, prostitution and harassment. But in the gold mining belt of Mali, one of the world’s poorest countries, the victimization lens does great injustice to the hundreds of women mining alongside men.


Commentary: Light shines on serene bond term premium as QE rolls back

LONDON As a decade of QE and cheap money comes to an end and many of the world's big central banks prepare for a changing of the guard, investors fear a rise in the so-called "term premium" on bonds could hurt risky assets like stocks.


Commentary: What Italy’s power crash means for the EU

First and clearest. The two parties that supported democracy’s conventional division – left v. right – failed in Sunday’s inconclusive election in the euro zone’s third-largest economy.

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