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Commentary: Does BoE's hawkish lurch nod to "sterling crisis"?


LONDON As the Bank of England sends its strongest signal to date that the first interest rate hike in a decade is approaching, could Britain be heading towards its first sterling crisis in a quarter of a century?


Commentary: Don’t be fooled by Merkel’s aura of invincibility

Unlike the nerve-jangling elections earlier this year in the Netherlands, France and Britain, Germany’s has been notably dull. The country that invented “Sturm und Drang” is showing a distinct lack of storm and stress as Angela Merkel heads towards a fourth term as chancellor.


Commentary: The coming robot arms race

Russia’s latest “Zapad” military exercise is underway on NATO’S eastern border. Tens of thousands of soldiers are taking part in the massive four-yearly war games that are both a drill as well as a show of strength for the West. Next time around, in 2021, those troops might be sharing their battle space with a different type of force: self-driving drones, tanks, ships and submersibles.


Commentary: Labor reform in France’s Macron economy

Protestors against President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed liberalization of French labor laws were on the streets of the country’s cities on Tuesday. The marchers, chanting slogans and brandishing placards, halted traffic as they moved slowly through the streets. A fringe of anarchists broke windows; police responded by firing tear gas. But this was no rerun of the mass marches of past years, let alone the semi-revolutionary eruptions of 1968.


Commentary: Why No City Should Want Amazon’s HQ2

Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce retailer by sales and market cap, announced last Thursday a request for proposals for a large North American city to host a second headquarters equal in stature to its downtown Seattle campus. This unexpected move sparked an Olympics-style competition by the likes of Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Toronto to seduce the company.


Commentary: Will markets call the Bank of England's bluff again?

LONDON In the decade since the collapse of Northern Rock crystallized the UK banking crisis, nobody would have made a single penny betting on the Bank of England raising interest rates.


Commentary: The least bad way for Trump to deal with North Korea

Donald Trump is just the latest U.S. president in a long list of commanders-in-chief who have failed to find a way to deal with North Korea. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, the central goal was preventing North Korean founder Kim Il Sung from redeploying his army south of the 38th parallel. For the last 25 years, however, the focus of U.S. policymakers has been something even more difficult: the denuclearization of the Kim dynasty.


Commentary: Rising pound good news for Bank of England, not so much for UK stocks

LONDON Sterling's bounce back to a one-year high against the dollar this week may be welcome news for the Bank of England, but not for UK stock market investors.


Commentary: The North Korean nuclear ‘crisis’ is an illusion

Although it has involved disturbing events — ballistic missile launches, nuclear weapons tests, military exercises, inane bombast — the North Korean "crisis" of recent months is largely an invented one.


Commentary: How Trump mainstreamed hate

Shocked by the violence recently perpetrated by racist protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia and other liberal-leaning towns across the United States, many Americans see the rise of “white nationalism” on the political landscape as a sudden, nasty surprise. In truth, it’s been around a long time, coalescing after the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement in the late 1960s as an alliance of various hate movements that seek, often through violence, to avoid racial mixing, and preserve what they v

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