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R&I withdraws JAFCO's rating -R&I

Oct 30(Reuters) - JAFCO Co Ltd <8595.T>:Says Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I) withdrew the rating on the company of "A-" -R&I.

JAFCO to retire treasury shares

Aug 9 (Reuters) - JAFCO Co Ltd <8595.T>:Says it plans to retire 15.7 million shares (32.6 percent of outstanding) of its common stock, on Aug. 18.Says the total shares outstanding 32.6 million shares after the retirement.

JAFCO completes share repurchase through ToSTNeT-3 and announces shareholding structure change

July 28(Reuters) - JAFCO Co Ltd <8595.T>:Says it bought back 13.4 million shares for 61.27 billion yen in total, through ToSTNeT-3, on July 28.Says Nomura Holdings Inc <<<8604.T>>> cut direct voting power to 0 percent from 19.1 percent .Says its second biggest shareholder Nomura Research Institute Ltd <<<4307.T>>> cut voting power to 0 percent from 11.2 percent.Effective July 28.

Nomura Holdings sells entire shares of JAFCO for 38.71 bln yen

July 28(Reuters) - Nomura Holdings Inc <8604.T>:Says it sold entire 8.5 million shares (19.1 percent voting power) of JAFCO Co Ltd <<<8595.T>>> for 38.71 billion yen .Previous plans was announced on July 27.

JAFCO to sell 5 mln shares of Nomura Holdings

July 27 (Reuters) - JAFCO Co Ltd <8595.T>:* Says it will sell 5 million shares of Nomura Holdings Inc <8604.T>.

Nomura Holdings to sell entire shares of JAFCO

July 27 (Reuters) - Nomura Holdings Inc <8604.T>:* Says it will sell entire 8.5 million shares of JAFCO Co Ltd <8595.T>.

JAFCO to repurchase shares

July 27 (Reuters) - JAFCO Co Ltd <8595.T>:Says it plans to repurchase up to 14 million shares of its common stock, representing 31.6 percent of outstanding on July 28.Share repurchase price is up to 63.84 billion yen in total (4,560 yen per share).

R&I affirms JAFCO's rating at "A-" and announces stable outlook – R&I

JAFCO Co Ltd <8595.T>: Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I) affirmed the company's rating at "A-" – R&I .Rating outlook stable– R&I.

Jafco to set up 65 billion Yen fund - Nikkei

Nikkei: Jafco will set up 65 bln yen fund, seeking to attract such institutional investors as insurers, regional banks at time of low interest rates - nikkei . Jafco Co Ltd's New fund is expected to add 1 billion yen to operating profit for the year ending march 2018-nikkei . Jafco Co Ltd aims to amass additional capital to reach 65 billion yen by the end of November - nikkei .Jafco Co Ltd's new fund will begin operations in October with 41 billion yen- nikkei.

R&I affirms JAFCO Co Ltd's rating at "A-" and stable outlook

JAFCO Co Ltd:Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I) affirmed the company's rating at "A-".Rating outlook stable.

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