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Vivendi's Canal+ backs African TV dramas as European sales suffer

25 Oct 2018

ABIDJAN On a muddy side-street in Abidjan, Alex Ogou directs his cast of young locals in a TV drama about gangsters in Ivory Coast that French media giant Vivendi hopes will help revive its fortunes. | Video

RPT-INSIGHT-How Russia moved into Central Africa

17 Oct 2018

* Russia one of several countries seeking footholds in Africa

How Russia moved into Central Africa

17 Oct 2018

DAKAR When Central African Republic (CAR) pleaded for help last year to fight marauding militias, former colonial ruler France offered guns it had seized off Somalia. But Russia objected and donated its own weapons instead.

Political rift in Ivory Coast raises concerns for 2020

13 Oct 2018

ABIDJAN After more than a decade as allies, two of Ivory Coast's largest political parties face off in local elections on Saturday after an acrimonious divorce that is making Ivorians nervous ahead of a presidential poll in 2020. | Video

Former Nigerian leader Obasanjo urges West African govts to decriminalise drugs

11 Sep 2018

DAKAR West African governments should overhaul their drug laws to decriminalise personal use and prioritise treatment as a response to rising substance abuse in the region, former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo said on Tuesday.

Congo Ebola outbreak not yet stabilized: WHO chief

29 Aug 2018

DAKAR It is too soon to say that an outbreak of Ebola in Democratic Republic of Congo is stabilizing due to difficulties identifying new cases near rebel-controlled areas, World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday.

Congo trial over killings of U.N. experts resumes after long suspension

27 Aug 2018

DAKAR The trial of more than two dozen people, including a former intelligence agency informant, suspected in the killings of two U.N. sanctions monitors last year in central Congo resumed on Monday after a 10-month suspension, defence lawyers said.

HRW decries short sentences for Congo peacekeepers guilty of murder

07 Aug 2018

DAKAR Three Congo Republic peacekeepers were given sentences of just three years in jail for murdering civilians and are now already free, Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday, describing the sentences as inadequate and unlikely to discourage future abuse.

Arms influx fuels Central African Republic violence - U.N. experts

27 Jul 2018

DAKAR Deliveries of Russian weapons to Central African Republic's security forces this year have pushed rebel groups to bolster their own stockpiles as they consolidate control over large parts of the country, a U.N. panel of experts said on Friday.

Congo faces $20 mln arbitration claim over failed farming project

06 Jul 2018

DAKAR, July 5 A South African company said on Friday that it had filed for arbitration against Democratic Republic of Congo's government, seeking to recover nearly $20 million it says it is owed from a failed agriculture project.

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Trump says he 'easily' answered Russia probe questions

President Donald Trump on Friday said he had "very easily" completed his written answers for Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 U.S. election, but had not yet submitted them to Mueller's office.