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Militants kill cleric and 14 others in Somalia in car bomb and gun attack

26 Nov 2018

MOGADISHU Al Shabaab gunmen and a suicide car bomber struck a religious centre in central Somalia on Monday, killing a cleric and at least 14 of his followers, a police officer said | Video

Suicide car bombers kill at least 22 in Somalia

10 Nov 2018

MOGADISHU Suicide attackers set off two car bombs at a hotel in Mogadishu on Friday, killing at least 22 people, police said.

Golden Club score a breakthrough for gender equality in Somalia

03 Oct 2018

MOGADISHU On a tired artificial pitch near a Mogadishu street that has been hit with a series of explosions, Shaima Sallal Mohamed is tackling the stereotype that soccer in Somalia is only for men.

Three die after Somalia car bomb strikes EU convoy - police

01 Oct 2018

MOGADISHU Three people were killed in a suicide car bombing by Islamist group al Shabaab which hit a European Union armoured convoy in Somalia's capital Mogadishu on Monday, police and an emergency service worker said.

Suicide car bomb kills at least six in Somali capital

10 Sep 2018

MOGADISHU A suicide car bomb rammed into a local government office in Somalia's capital on Monday, killing at least six people in an attack claimed by al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab. | Video

Somali militants kill soldiers, kidnap scores of elders

05 Sep 2018

MOGADISHU Gunmen from Somalia's Al Shabaab group killed six people including at least four soldiers in the streets of the capital, a day after the Islamist movement kidnapped scores of elders in a central region, officials said.

Suicide bomb attack kills at least three Somali soldiers outside Mogadishu

05 Aug 2018

MOGADISHU At least three Somali soldiers were killed in a suicide bomb attack in Afgoye district, a town 30 km to the north west of the capital Mogadishu, police and militants said.

Al Shabaab fighters attack Somalia police HQ after twin bombings

07 Jul 2018

MOGADISHU At least five people were killed and 21 wounded on Saturday when militants from Somalia's al Shabaab group set off two bombs in central Mogadishu and stormed a government building. | Video

Somalia, Ethiopia to jointly invest in four seaports on the Red Sea

16 Jun 2018

MOGADISHU, June 16 Somalia and Ethiopia announced they were jointly investing in four seaports to attract foreign investment to their two countries, the latest move in a tussle for access to ports along one of the world's most strategic waterways.

Al Shabaab fighters seize town in central Somalia: residents

02 Jun 2018

MOGADISHU Somalia's militant Islamist group al Shabaab has retaken a small town in the center of the country after it was abandoned by government troops, residents said on Saturday.

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