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Abhirup Roy

Fortune or foresight? AstraZeneca and Oxford's stories clash on COVID-19 vaccine

03 Dec 2020

LONDON AstraZeneca and Oxford University have given conflicting accounts of how they came upon the most effective dosing pattern for their COVID-19 vaccine, a rare instance of public dissension between major institutions collaborating on a pivotal project.

AstraZeneca partner sticks with two full dose regimen in COVID trials in India

01 Dec 2020

PUNE Serum Institute of India, which has partnered with AstraZeneca to manufacture its COVID-19 vaccine, will continue to test a two full dose regimen of the shot despite it showing a lower success rate than a half and full dose regimen in pivotal trials, a top executive told Reuters.

Analysis: Battle of the billionaires - Bezos, Ambani gun for India retail supremacy

30 Nov 2020

MUMBAI/NEW DELHI Jeff Bezos and Mukesh Ambani, two of the world's richest men, face a turning point in a battle for preeminence in India's booming, nearly trillion-dollar retail market.

India's NSE warned Future Retail of action over disclosures on Amazon dispute - emails

25 Nov 2020

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI India's National Stock Exchange (NSE) privately warned Future Retail it risked regulatory action for not making timely market disclosures about efforts by Amazon.com to block a disputed asset sale, according to e-mails reviewed by Reuters.

India could get access to AstraZeneca vaccine by January, local manufacturer says

20 Nov 2020

MUMBAI The head of an Indian company contracted to make AstraZeneca Plc's COVID vaccine said it could deliver it to health care workers and elderly Indians by January as the country's caseload of infections crossed nine million on Friday.

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