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Adi Kurniawan

Indonesia drive-in concert delivers live music as coronavirus rages

30 Aug 2020

JAKARTA As night fell in the Indonesian capital, pop ensemble Kahitna took to the stage for a drive-in concert nearly two hours long that attracted eager listeners in rows of hundreds of parked cars.

Indonesians act to feed poor as lockdown hits daily wage earners

18 May 2020

DEPOK, Indonesia Alarmed by how the coronavirus pandemic has left many Indonesians destitute, a group of volunteers are providing free meals to vulnerable daily wage earners in their neighbourhoods, ranging from rickshaw drivers to trash collectors.

Indonesia doctor hits the streets to curb coronavirus

27 Mar 2020

DEPOK, Indonesia After a busy session at his clinic, Indonesian doctor Fakhrurrozi hops on the back of a motorized tricycle with a loud-hailer to urge residents to stay at home to curb the spread of the coronavirus. | Video

Tsunami kills at least 222 in Indonesia after Krakatau eruption

24 Dec 2018

PANDEGLANG, Indonesia A tsunami killed at least 222 people and injured hundreds on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra following an underwater landslide believed to have been caused by the erupting Anak Krakatau volcano, officials said on Sunday. | Video

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