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Wider Image: Jailed Philippine activist lays to rest her three-month-old baby

16 Oct 2020

MANILA Jailed Philippine activist Reina Mae Nasino wanted to hold her three-month-old daughter for the last time before she was laid to rest on Friday but she could not.

Philippines teachers start call centre to help remote learners

08 Oct 2020

MANILA Worried that remote schooling could become a struggle, a local authority in the Philippines has set up a makeshift call centre staffed by dozens of teachers to make sure students don't fall behind in class. | Video

Fear and resolve at Philippine maternity hospital amid pandemic

18 Sep 2020

MANILA As the Philippines grapples with rising coronavirus infections, new mothers and medical staff at one of the world's busiest maternity hospitals face heightened anxiety during the pandemic.

After factory layoff, Filipina cashes in on 'leaf art' venture

04 Sep 2020

BINAN, Philippines When the coronavirus struck and cost Mary Mae Dacanay her factory job in the Philippines, the 23-year-old came up with a unique new source of income - turning leaves into celebrity art. | Video

Philippine trash trawlers earn little from virus-boosted surge in plastics

10 Aug 2020

MANILA Virgilio Estuesta has picked through trash in the Philippines' biggest city for four decades, and is noticing an unusually large amount of plastics during his daily trawl of about 15 km (9.3 miles).

Philippines back under lockdown as virus cases continue to surge

04 Aug 2020

MANILA Philippine police deployed road blocks on Tuesday to enforce a tough new lockdown on about 28 million people in the capital Manila and nearby provinces as the Southeast Asian country reported the region's biggest daily rise in coronavirus cases.

'King of the road' rules again as Philippines eases lockdown

03 Jul 2020

MANILA Thousands of jeepneys, flamboyantly decorated jeeps that serve as cheap public transport across the Philippines, were back on the streets of Manila on Friday, bringing relief to companies and commuters who have struggled with coronavirus curbs.

Filipino SFX artist seeks to ward off virus with horror-inspired face masks

18 Jun 2020

LAGUNA, Philippines With film and television productions halted in the Philippines due to lockdown, one special effects artist is maximizing his skills by making scary face masks to raise cash and a few smiles. | Video

Relief, disappointment as Philippines restarts some transport services

29 May 2020

MANILA Philippine taxi dispatcher Meliza Venal heaved a sigh of relief when she learned that hundreds of her company's drivers can finally go back to work after being stuck in their homes for 11 weeks.

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