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Ahmad Elhamy

Muslim pilgrims pray in Mecca as haj winds down without incident

13 Aug 2019

MINA, Saudi Arabia Millions of haj pilgrims began heading back to Mecca for final prayers on Tuesday as the world's largest annual gathering of Muslims wound down without incident despite the logistical challenges and escalating regional tensions.

Muslim pilgrims converge on Jamarat for ritual stoning of the devil

11 Aug 2019

JAMARAT, Saudi Arabia Muslims from around the world hurled pebbles at a giant wall in a symbolic stoning of the devil on Sunday, the start of the riskiest part of the annual haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, where hundreds died in a crush four years ago.

Muslims gather in Muzdalifa to prepare for final stages of haj

11 Aug 2019

MUZDALIFA, Saudi Arabia Nearly 2.5 million Muslims gathered at Saudi Arabia's Mount Arafat on Saturday for a vigil to atone for their sins, and then descended to Muzdalifa for the final stages of the annual haj pilgrimage amid summer heat and regional tensions. | Video

Muslim pilgrims descend on Mecca for haj, Saudis warn against politics

08 Aug 2019

MECCA, Saudi Arabia Hundreds of thousands of white-clad pilgrims, many gripping umbrellas to ward off Saudi Arabia's blistering summer sun, descended on Mecca this week ahead of the annual haj.

Car explodes in central Cairo, injuring 13 people

06 Aug 2018

CAIRO A car exploded in central Cairo on Monday after colliding with a microbus, injuring 13 people, the Egyptian health ministry said. | Video

Libya plans to sell tanker used in attempt to export oil, bypassing state company

03 Sep 2015

TRIPOLI, Sept 3 - Libya plans to sell a tanker that a former rebel group used in an attempt to bypass the Libyan government and export oil on its own last year, the Tripoli-based state prosecutor said on Thursday.

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