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Ahmed Mohamed Hassan

At least 20 killed, 43 injured in crash and fire at Cairo train station

27 Feb 2019

CAIRO At least 20 people were killed and dozens injured when a locomotive smashed through the buffers and burst into flames at Cairo's main train station on Wednesday. | Video

Egyptians in Sinai queue for bread, not ballots

26 Mar 2018

CAIRO As some voters in mainland Egypt chanted praise for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi outside polling stations on their way to re-elect him, residents of the restive northern Sinai Peninsula lined up for a different reason - bread handouts.

Egypt Western Desert attack exposes front outside Sinai

07 Nov 2017

CAIRO A deadly attack on the police in Egypt's Western Desert claimed by a new militant group risks opening up another front for security forces far beyond the remote northern Sinai, where they have battled a stubborn Islamic State insurgency since 2014.

New al Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for major Egypt attack

03 Nov 2017

CAIRO A previously unknown militant group with links to al Qaeda claimed responsibility on Friday for an attack in Egypt's Western Desert that killed at least 16 policemen two weeks ago, announcing the start of a holy war against the Egyptian state.

Militants attack Egypt police, dozens killed - sources

22 Oct 2017

CAIRO Egypt's security forces suffered one of their heaviest attacks after militants firing rockets and detonating explosives hit a police operation on Friday in the western desert, authorities and security sources said on Saturday. | Video

At least 23 Egyptian soldiers killed in deadliest Sinai attack in years

07 Jul 2017

CAIRO/ISMAILIA, Egypt At least 23 Egyptian soldiers were killed when suicide car bombs tore through two military checkpoints in North Sinai on Friday, security sources said, an attack claimed by Islamic State that marks one of the bloodiest assaults on security forces in years.

Special Report - Islamic State seeks to impose religious rules in Egypt's North Sinai

02 May 2017

ARISH, Egypt One Monday in early April, Shaher Saeed was driving south of the city of Arish in Egypt's North Sinai when he came upon a group of Islamic State militants who had stopped a truck carrying cigarettes.

Egyptian investigator in Italian's death has prior conviction linked to death of detainee-court documents, sources

16 Feb 2016

CAIRO A senior Egyptian police officer investigating the death of Italian student Giulio Regeni has a prior conviction in connection with the torture and death of a detainee, according to security and judicial sources and court documents seen by Reuters.

Body of Italian student shows signs of torture - Egyptian officials

04 Feb 2016

CAIRO The body of an Italian student who went missing in Cairo was found half naked by the roadside with cigarette burns and other signs of torture, a senior Egyptian prosecutor said on Thursday.

Cairo, Red Sea attacks deal new blows to Egypt

10 Jan 2016

CAIRO Armed men shot dead a police officer and a soldier in their car on the outskirts of Cairo on Saturday, Egypt's state news agency said, a day after suspected militants armed with knives wounded three European tourists in a Red Sea resort.

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