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Blinded by rubber bullets, Chilean student becomes rallying point for protesters

04 Dec 2019

SANTIAGO Protesters against Chile President Sebastian Pinera's government have rallied around a student blinded by police rubber bullets and his family hopes a photo capturing his injuries will increase international pressure on the administration.

Chileans suffering eye trauma from protests march on presidential palace

28 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO A group of Chileans who claim to have suffered eye trauma in confrontations with the security forces rallied outside the presidential palace on Thursday to call for President Sebastian Pinera to "take responsibility" for human rights violations during the ongoing protests.

Chile's interior minister - turning down heat on streets won't make us less accountable

23 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO Chile's interior minister on Friday made an appeal for peace and the "recovery of public order" after a fresh round of protests and riots around the country left shops and public buildings looted and burned, the capital's transport system disrupted and at least 100 more people injured.

Chilean security forces 'intentionally' attacked protesters to 'punish' them: Amnesty

22 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO Chilean police and soldiers backed by their commanders have carried out "generalized" attacks on people protesting over inequality with the intention of "punishing and harming" them, Amnesty International said in a report published on Thursday.

Chile's police chief suspends use of rubber bullets

20 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO Chile's police chief said on Tuesday he has suspended the use of rubber bullets to quell national unrest after a university study revealed they could be made up of as little as 20% rubber and contain harmful substances such as lead.

With stores burned and looted, Walmart seeks police protection in riot-hit Chile

18 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO Walmart has sought court orders for police protection in protest-wracked Chile after more than 120 of its supermarkets were looted or burned.

Chile's finance minister calls for return to 'normality' as peso slides

13 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO Chile's finance minister warned on Tuesday of the "grave consequences" for the nation's economy of three weeks of often violent unrest, after the peso slid 4% to hit a historic low against the dollar.

Man held on remand in Chile over protest shooting

13 Nov 2019

(This November 11 story changes headline and adds eight paragraph to reflect Cobin's renunciation of U.S. citizenship)

American man held on remand in Chile over protest shooting

11 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO An American man was remanded in custody in a Chilean seaside town on Monday after being charged with attempted murder over the alleged shooting of a protester on Sunday, according to prosecutors.

A picture and its story - Chilean police officers set on fire by Molotov cocktails

07 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO Reuters photographers covering protests in the central Santiago rallying point of Plaza Italia were getting ready to capture images on Monday as the police set about clearing the square for the evening.

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