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Alex Dobuzinskis

Apollo 11's astronauts snapped photos for science. Then came MTV

11:11am BST

The Apollo 11 astronauts who made mankind's first visit to the moon 50 years ago were trained in how to take pictures for science. Back on Earth, some of those photos became pop culture touchstones.

Australian model avoids U.S. prison sentence after fracas on international flight

16 Jul 2019

LOS ANGELES An Australian model who was found guilty of assault after a fracas on a flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles avoided prison when she was sentenced in U.S. court on Monday. | Video

Heavy rains flood New Orleans streets in taste of storm ahead

11 Jul 2019

New Orleans was hit with widespread flooding on Wednesday from heavy rain spawned from a weather system that forecasters warned could grow into a hurricane capable of causing severe inundation of the low-lying U.S. city. | Video

Leader of armed group at U.S. border seeks psychiatric evaluation ahead of trial

11 Jul 2019

The leader of an armed group that stopped migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border has sought a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is competent to stand trial in New Mexico on a weapons charge.

U.S. man accused of North Korean embassy theft in Madrid to be freed on bail

09 Jul 2019

LOS ANGELES A U.S. man accused of taking part in a raid on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid was ordered freed on $1.3 million bail on Tuesday but must serve home confinement ahead of his possible extradition to Spain.

California expanding early quake detection and warning system

09 Jul 2019

LOS ANGELES California officials are spending more than $40 million on an earthquake early warning system that in addition to alerting the public could also be used to automatically halt trains and open fire station doors moments before a major tremor actually strikes.

California desert braces for aftershocks from major 7.1 quake

06 Jul 2019

LOS ANGELES, July 6 Emergency officials in Southern California's high desert braced for strong, potentially dangerous aftershocks from a major earthquake that damaged buildings, ruptured gas lines and sparked numerous fires near the quake's remote epicenter.

Powerful Southern California quake, second in two days, causes damage, injuries

06 Jul 2019

LOS ANGELES A magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook Southern California on Friday, triggering fires, buckling part of a highway, damaging buildings but causing few reported injuries despite striking with eight times more force than the initial quake in the same area a day earlier.

Oregon state senator faces hearing on 'heavily armed' comment

06 Jul 2019

An Oregon state senator who was among Republican lawmakers who fled the Capitol last month to scuttle a vote on a bill to fight climate change faces a conduct hearing over remarks tinged with threats of violence about any efforts to force the senators to return.

Judge rules ex-Marine accused of invading North Korean mission in Madrid could be freed

03 Jul 2019

LOS ANGELES A former U.S. Marine accused of participating in a robbery at the North Korean embassy in Madrid is eligible for release from custody, a federal judge in Los Angeles ruled on Tuesday, even as the man faces possible extradition to Spain.

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