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Alexandra Valencia

Military patrols Ecuador's capital as clashes resume and many defy curfew

9:45pm BST

QUITO Armored military vehicles patrolled the streets of Ecuador's capital, Quito, on Sunday after police and protesters clashed and many residents defied a curfew imposed by President Lenin Moreno in a bid to quell unrest triggered by fuel subsidy cuts.

Talks on austerity emerge from unrest in Ecuador as capital on lockdown

9:44pm BST

QUITO An indigenous group in Ecuador behind mass protests against cuts to fuel subsidies agreed to hold talks with President Lenin Moreno, who ordered a curfew in the capital on Saturday after the latest wave of violence in the city. | Video

Ecuador's capital is rocked by clashes; Moreno silent on way forward

12 Oct 2019

QUITO, Oct 12 Ecuador's capital was rocked early on Saturday in a tenth day of unrest over President Lenin Moreno's austerity plan, with local markets shuttered and police firing tear gas at protesters gathered at the country's parliamentary building.

Hopes for talks to end unrest in Ecuador dim as protests roil capital

11 Oct 2019

QUITO Hopes for a negotiated end to the worst unrest in Ecuador in at least a decade dimmed on Friday as clashes between police and anti-austerity protesters continued for a ninth day in the highland capital Quito.

Amazonian tribes in Ecuador join anti-austerity protests

11 Oct 2019

QUITO, Oct 11 Indigenous tribe representatives from the Amazon in Ecuador joined an anti-austerity demonstration in Quito on Friday, as hopes for talks between protest leaders and the government dimmed following more than a week of unrest.

Indigenous leaders detain police in escalation of Ecuador protests

10 Oct 2019

QUITO Indigenous leaders in Ecuador captured and publicly paraded eight police officers before a crowd on Thursday, pushing back against a tough government crackdown on anti-austerity protests that have shaken President Lenin Moreno's administration.

Ecuadorean protesters raise heat on defiant Moreno, police crack down

10 Oct 2019

QUITO Ecuadorean security forces cracked down on protesters in a massive national strike on Wednesday as President Lenin Moreno stuck by austerity measures that have triggered the worst unrest in a decade. | Video

Ecuador imposes curfew after protests push government out of capital

09 Oct 2019

QUITO Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno on Tuesday ordered a curfew around government buildings after six days of violent anti-austerity protests that have pushed his administration out of the capital Quito and brought hundreds of arrests. | Video

Indigenous protests convulse Ecuador as president decries 'coup attempt'

08 Oct 2019

QUITO Thousands of indigenous protesters marched into capital Quito on Monday in a fifth day of action against austerity measures that have sparked the worst unrest in years, prompting President Lenin Moreno to accuse opponents of attempting a coup.

Ecuador arrests shopkeepers, man dies as protests rage

07 Oct 2019

QUITO Ecuadorean authorities began arresting shopkeepers for raising food prices as indigenous groups clashed with security forces on Sunday in a fourth day of protests against President Lenin Moreno's austerity measures.

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