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Abide by the claw: Norway's Arctic snow crab ruling boosts claim to oil

14 Feb 2019

OSLO A court delivered a painful nip to European Union fishermen on Thursday by tightening Norway's grip on snow crab catches in the Arctic, a ruling that may also let Oslo claw more control of oil and gas from other nations.

As ice melts, Greenland could become big sand exporter: study

11 Feb 2019

OSLO Greenland could start to export sand in a rare positive spinoff from global warming that is melting the island's vast ice sheet and washing large amounts of sediment into the sea, scientists said on Monday.

Last year was fourth hottest on record: outlook sizzling - U.N.

06 Feb 2019

OSLO Last year was the fourth warmest on record and the outlook is for more sizzling heat approaching levels that most governments view as dangerous for the Earth, a U.N. report showed on Wednesday.

Norway's Arctic islands at risk of 'devastating' warming: report

04 Feb 2019

OSLO Icy Arctic islands north of Norway are warming faster than almost anywhere on Earth and more avalanches, rain and mud may cause "devastating" changes by 2100, a Norwegian report said on Monday.

As polar seas heat up, mammals will find less slow, stupid prey

25 Jan 2019

OSLO Global warming will make life harder for mammals and birds hunting in polar seas by perking up fish that were slow, stupid and easy to catch in icy waters, scientists said on Thursday.

'A List' climate change firms outperform on stock market - survey

22 Jan 2019

OSLO Apple , L'Oreal and Mitsubishi Electric are among more than 120 global firms which scored top marks in a ranking of corporate efforts to slow climate change.

Antarctica's krill shift south as icy waters warm

21 Jan 2019

OSLO Krill are shifting south towards Antarctica as the oceans warm, disrupting stocks that are eaten by penguins and whales and caught by industrial trawlers, scientists said on Monday.

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