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China denounces U.N. aviation emissions plan in blow to industry efforts

25 Sep 2019

MONTREAL China has denounced a landmark U.N. deal that caps emissions from international flights, in a setback for an industry eager to placate the growing international movement to curb air travel's impact on the environment.

FAA chief invites Boeing 737 MAX feedback from divided world regulators

24 Sep 2019

MONTREAL The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration invited continued feedback from global regulators at a Boeing 737 MAX briefing on Monday about the steps needed to return the grounded passenger jet to flight after two fatal crashes.

Companies file suit in Canada challenging new rules to lower drug prices

23 Aug 2019

Five pharmaceutical companies said on Friday they have filed a complaint in a Canadian court challenging the constitutionality of new Canadian regulations meant to lower patented drug prices, setting up a fight with the federal government ahead of an Oct. 21 election.

Canadian drug price regulator may be flexible on rare diseases

13 Aug 2019

TORONTO Canada's patented drug price regulator, set to gain new powers next year, may be "more forgiving" in setting price caps for drugs that treat rare diseases, the agency's executive director told Reuters, as some advocates warned the country's pricing reforms would hurt patients.

Canada enacts drug price crackdown, in blow to pharmaceutical industry

09 Aug 2019

TORONTO The Canadian government announced final regulations on Friday that should cut billions of dollars from patented drug prices that are among the highest in the world, overcoming heavy opposition from pharmaceutical companies who may eventually challenge the new rules in court.

Drug industry urges Canada to act early on U.S. import plan

05 Aug 2019

TORONTO Canada's main pharmaceutical lobby group has urged the government not to wait for drug shortages before responding to U.S. plans to import Canadian drugs, according to documents seen by Reuters.

Exclusive: Two powerful Canadian provinces argued against federal drug price crackdown

30 Jul 2019

TORONTO/MONTREAL Canada's two most populous provinces, Ontario and Quebec, have privately expressed concerns with a federal government plan to slash the price of patented drugs, arguing that such regulatory changes could hurt investment in life sciences.

Exclusive: Canada warns U.S. against drug import plans, citing shortage concerns

19 Jul 2019

TORONTO Canada opposes any U.S. plans to buy Canadian prescription drugs that might threaten the country's drug supply or raise costs for its own citizens, officials have told U.S. authorities, in a new setback to the Trump administration's efforts to tackle high drug prices, according to documents obtained by Reuters.

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