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Andrew Downie

Charismatic coaches take centre stage in Copa Libertadores

12:46pm GMT

This year's Copa Libertadores final features two of the biggest clubs in South America, but Saturday’s encounter between River Plate and Flamengo is unusual in that attention is focused as much on the coaches as the players.

Friendly refusal ups the ante for Chile players

14 Nov 2019

Football has long mixed with politics in South America but the refusal of Chilean players to play a friendly against Peru in sympathy with anti-government protesters has taken action and awareness to a new level.

Rio de Janeiro lawmaker seeks to ban VAR

17 Oct 2019

Brazilian league leaders Flamengo may be banned from using football’s Video Assistant Referee (VAR) if an angry politician’s proposals gain favour in the Rio de Janeiro city council.

Jesus is new messiah as Flamengo fly high

16 Oct 2019

It often felt like Flamengo fans needed divine intervention to recapture the glory days of the 1980s so it is fitting that their new messiah is someone called Jesus.

Soccer: There's only one Riquelme - except in Brazil

08 Oct 2019

In Argentina, there will always be only one Juan Roman Riquelme who thrilled a generation of football fans with his grace and swagger. But it turns out that in Brazil, there are hundreds.

Argentine club Banfield honours fans lost in Dirty War

05 Oct 2019

Argentine football club Banfield has honoured 11 of its fans who disappeared during the country's "Dirty War" in an emotional ceremony it said was designed to honour "victims of state terrorism."

Debate over foreign coaches overshadows Libertadores semi-final

27 Sep 2019

Two of Brazil's most storied clubs will meet in the Copa Libertadores semi-final next week but the build up to the match has been dominated by a debate over the presence of foreign coaches in the South American nation.

Soccer - Brazilian fans ignore foul play as crowds soar

04 Sep 2019

The game is slow and beset by fouls, every match is on TV, and all the best young players have left - but if attendances are any measure, Brazilian football is enjoying a renaissance.

Djokovic still favourite but defeat gives rivals hope

22 Aug 2019

Novak Djokovic was all set to cruise into the U.S. Open as hot favourite but a semi-final defeat at the Cincinnati Masters last week has at least given hope to his challengers that the world number one is not invincible.

Does De Rossi at Boca mark start of European influx?

14 Aug 2019

Italian Daniele De Rossi's debut for Boca Juniors on Tuesday could be the spark of a new trend for ageing European players seeking more than one last payday before they retire.

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