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Tunisia's ousted president Ben Ali dies in Saudi exile

19 Sep 2019

TUNIS Tunisia's Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, whose overthrow in a 2011 uprising triggered the "Arab Spring" revolutions, died in exile in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, days after a free presidential vote in his homeland.

The ex-professor out to remake Tunisian politics

19 Sep 2019

TUNIS A retired law professor with an awkward public manner, little money, no political party and a commitment to an obscure form of democracy might soon become the most unlikely leader in the Arab world.

Tunisia confirms Saied, Karoui to contest presidential runoff vote

17 Sep 2019

TUNIS Tunisia's electoral commission said on Tuesday law professor Kais Saied and detained media mogul Nabil Karoui won the most votes in Sunday's presidential election, beating veteran political leaders to advance to a second-round runoff.

Tunisian establishment stunned as outsiders win presidency

16 Sep 2019

TUNIS With more than half the votes counted in a presidential election, Tunisians have delivered a political earthquake by rejecting established leaders for a little known law professor and a media mogul jailed on suspicion of tax evasion.

Tunisian political newcomers say they are leading presidential vote

15 Sep 2019

TUNIS Two political outsiders said they believed they had advanced to the second round of Tunisia's presidential election on Sunday, citing exit polls, though no official results have been announced. | Video

Tunisians prepare for the polls as unpredictable election looms

13 Sep 2019

TUNIS Tunisia's presidential election on Sunday is the most unpredictable in its short experience of democracy, a contest with no overwhelming front-runner at a time of economic angst.

Detained mogul's presidential run tests Tunisia's democracy

12 Sep 2019

* Critics say he misuses charity, TV station for political gain

'Will we eat democracy?': Tunisians frustrated as elections approach

10 Sep 2019

FERNANA, Tunisia As he watched a campaign bus pull into town plastered with slogans and posters for one of the 26 candidates for president, Mondher Jawad slapped his hands with fury while the woman next to him shouted abuse at the candidate's staff.

Televised debates a new step in Tunisia's young democracy

08 Sep 2019

TUNIS Eight presidential candidates stood behind their podiums aiming to impress Tunisian voters on Saturday evening in the young democracy's first ever televised election debate.

Tunisian PM urges continued focus on economy after election

29 Aug 2019

TUNIS Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, a candidate for president in next month's election, said on Thursday the country should press ahead with his government's focus on the economy and security if it is to "join the club of strong democracy".

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