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Money worries may have outsize mental health impact on women, Latinos

23 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - Most U.S. adults report worrying about at least two financial issues, such as being able to afford medical bills, retirement or a child's college education, new research finds.

Early, heavy marijuana use linked to worse driving performance

17 Jan 2020

(Reuters Health) - Heavy marijuana users who picked up the habit before age 16 have impaired driving skills even when they're not high, a small study suggests.

Dog ownership linked with longer life, especially for heart patients

08 Oct 2019

(Reuters Health) - Dog owners live longer, and canine companionship may be especially good for people with heart disease and those living alone, new research shows.

Marijuana may undermine fertility treatment success

21 Aug 2019

(Reuters Health) - Women undergoing fertility treatment who smoke marijuana may have more success if they quit, recent research suggests.

Vaping impacts blood vessels, even without nicotine

20 Aug 2019

(Reuters Health) - Healthy young people show signs of impaired blood vessel function after just a few puffs of an electronic cigarette, even without nicotine, new research shows.

Common nerve pain drug linked to suicidal behavior, overdose

17 Jun 2019

(Reuters Health) - A class of medications used for nerve and muscle pain, including the popular drug Lyrica, increases users' risks for suicidal behavior, unintentional overdoses, injuries and car accidents - and the risks are particularly high for teens and young adults, new research shows.

Weight-training may help reduce hot flashes

23 May 2019

Postmenopausal women can fight off hot flashes and night sweats by pumping iron, a new clinical trial shows.

Car-seat naps outside the car put babies at risk

22 May 2019

(Reuters Health) - Most infant deaths in car-safety seats happen when the seat is being used as a napping spot, rather than for transportation, a U.S. study shows.

Relying on homemade, natural sunscreens might get you burned

20 May 2019

(Reuters Health) - Homemade sunscreens on Pinterest may look pretty and smell even prettier, but most of them won't shield you from sunburn or skin cancer, new research shows.

Caffeine in tea, coffee may be equally risky to fetus

22 Nov 2018

(Reuters Health) - Pregnant women who consume caffeine - whether it's from coffee or tea - have smaller babies than those who abstain from the stimulant during pregnancy, new research suggests.

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