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Mexican businesses focus on labor provisions as they pore over USMCA trade deal text

12 Dec 2019

MEXICO CITY/WASHINGTON Mexican business leaders on Wednesday began poring over texts of a new stricter trade deal with the United States and Canada, looking for details of how more intrusive enforcement of labor rules in Mexico would affect their operations. | Video

Mexican businesses want clarity on details of USMCA trade deal

11 Dec 2019

MEXICO CITY, Dec 11 After the initial euphoria had subsided, Mexican business leaders emerged bruised and resigned to a new stricter trade deal with the United States and Canada that could usher in more intrusive enforcement of labor rules in Mexico.

China and Mexico to hold high-level trade discussions next week

06 Dec 2019

MEXICO CITY A high level delegation of Chinese and Mexican business and government representatives are scheduled to meet in Mexico City on Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss trade and foreign investment, industry executives said.

Mexico bristles at U.S. cartel plan, insists it's doing its part

29 Nov 2019

MEXICO CITY Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Friday that his government was committed to fighting organized crime, seeking to dispel fears that the United States could take matters in its own hands in the fight against drug cartels.

UPDATE 2-Mexico infrastructure plan could lift growth but challenges persist -Moody's

26 Nov 2019

MEXICO CITY, Nov 26 An agreement between Mexico's government and the private sector to invest in infrastructure is "positive" and could lift weak economic growth, an analyst at rating agency Moody's Investors Service said on Tuesday, though challenges persist.

Human rights abuse accusations proliferate in Chile unrest

15 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO Father-of-three Alex Nunez was returning from work in October during a military curfew imposed to curb violent protests in Chile's capital Santiago when, his family say, he was chased by three police officers who beat him badly.

Chile copper mine output largely unaffected by protests despite some attacks

06 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO Chile's copper mines have mostly maintained production and kept operations running normally in the face of weeks of unrest in the country, industry insiders told Reuters, though scattered incidents have hit some operations and uncertainty lingers.

Chileans debate in the streets in 'first act of revolution' to determine their future

06 Nov 2019

SANTIAGO Harnessing the same energy that has galvanized millions of people to take to the streets in protest, a spectacle unseen since the bloody fight against a dictatorship three decades ago, Chileans have organised town halls to take the country's future into their own hands. | Video

Explainer: Mexico's week of bloodshed. What is going on?

31 Oct 2019

MEXICO CITY Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took office in December, promising not to repeat the "failed policies" of past administrations that have done little to stem a tide of drug-related violence that cost some 29,000 lives last year.

El Chapo's son led dramatic rescue of his half brother in Mexico battle

31 Oct 2019

MEXICO CITY Ivan Archivaldo Guzman, the leader of Los Chapitos wing of the Sinaloa Cartel, was behind the assault on security forces that prompted the release of his half-brother from a house in the city of Culiacan last week, a top Mexican official said.

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