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Pakistan to unblock social media app TikTok after it vows to moderate content

19 Oct 2020

ISLAMABAD Pakistan has decided to lift a ban on popular social media app TikTok after the company vowed to block all accounts involved in spreading "obscenity and immorality", the country's telecom authority said on Monday.

Pakistan blocks social media app TikTok for "immoral and indecent" content

09 Oct 2020

ISLAMABAD Pakistan's telecom regulator blocked TikTok on Friday for failing to filter out "immoral and indecent" content, another blow to the social media app that has come under increasing scrutiny as its popularity has surged across the globe. | Video

Pakistan bans social media App TikTok over "immoral" content -govt

09 Oct 2020

ISLAMABAD, Oct 9 Pakistan on Friday blocked social media app TikTok for failing to filter out "immoral and indecent" content, the country's telecommunication authority said in a statement.

EXCLUSIVE-Pakistan to block social media app TikTok for "immoral" content -sources

09 Oct 2020

ISLAMABAD, Oct 9 Pakistan has decided to block social media App TikTok for failing to filter out "immoral" content, three top government officials said on Friday.

Exclusive: Pakistan to auction extra telecom spectrum; seeks $1 billion - sources

29 Sep 2020

ISLAMABAD Pakistan will this week begin the process of selling unused telecom spectrum in an auction it hopes will raise around $1 billion and enhance network capacity, said three senior government officials familiar with the matter.

Paris knife attack suspect wanted to avenge Prophet cartoons - video

28 Sep 2020

PARIS/ISLAMABAD French police are studying a video in which the man suspected of attacking people with a meat cleaver on Friday says he will commit an act of "resistance" after the republication of cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammad in a satirical magazine.

U.N. aviation agency ICAO advises Pakistan to suspend issuance of new pilot licenses

24 Sep 2020

ISLAMABAD The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has advised Pakistan to undertake "immediate corrective actions" and suspend the issuance of any new pilot licenses in the wake of a scandal over falsified licenses, according to an official and a document seen by Reuters.

Pakistan launches Phase III trials for Chinese Cansinobio's COVID-19 vaccine

22 Sep 2020

ISLAMABAD Pakistan has launched Phase III clinical trials for CanSino Biologics' COVID-19 vaccine candidate, a government minister and an official at the Chinese pharmaceutical company said on Tuesday.

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