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China mounts publicity campaign to counter criticism on Xinjiang

02 Oct 2018

BEIJING/GENEVA China is mounting an increasingly sophisticated counterattack to criticism of its policies in the restive, heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang, courting foreign media and running opinion pieces abroad as it seeks to spin a more positive message.

'Turbulence' in ties threatens U.S.-China security meeting

29 Sep 2018

BEIJING A key diplomatic and security meeting between China and the United States next month may not take place due to tensions in relations, sources briefed on the matter said, potentially the latest casualty of worsening ties.

China demands U.S. 'dispel obstacles' to military ties and stop slander

27 Sep 2018

BEIJING China demanded the United States "dispel obstacles" to improving military ties and stop slandering it, amid growing tensions over trade, Taiwan, the South China Sea and U.S. President Donald Trump's claims of China meddling in the upcoming U.S. election. | Video

Senior Chinese diplomat says China, U.S. must avoid Cold War mentality

26 Sep 2018

BEIJING China and the United States can compete but should not view each other with a Cold War mentality and should avoid thinking it is a zero-sum game, the Chinese government's top diplomat said, amid deteriorating ties between the superpowers.

China says U.S. putting 'knife to its neck', hard to proceed on trade

25 Sep 2018

BEIJING A senior Chinese official said on Tuesday it is difficult to proceed with trade talks with the United States while Washington is putting "a knife to China's neck", a day after both sides heaped fresh tariffs on each other's goods. | Video

Brushing aside tension, top Chinese general joins forum with U.S. military

17 Sep 2018

XIAN, China A top Chinese general attended the opening on Monday of a regional armed forces health forum organised by the Chinese and U.S. militaries, as the two sides set aside friction over trade and territorial issues such as the South China Sea.

UPDATE 4-Venezuela hands China more oil presence, but no mention of new funds

14 Sep 2018

BEIJING/CARACAS, Sept 14 Venezuela gave China another stake in the OPEC member's oil industry and signed several other deals in the energy sector, but Beijing made no mention of new funds for Caracas during President Nicolas Maduro's visit to his government's key financier on Friday.

Corrupt government? You voted for them - China pushes back at Africa summit

05 Sep 2018

BEIJING As President Xi Jinping gathered together leaders from almost all African countries for a summit in Beijing in recent days, some former Chinese officials and state media were busy mounting an unusually strong defence of China's role in the continent.

China says its funding helps Africa develop, not stack up debt

04 Sep 2018

BEIJING China is helping Africa develop, not pile up debt, a top Chinese official said on Tuesday, as the government pushes back against criticism it is loading the continent with an unsustainable burden during a major summit in Beijing. | Video

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