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Ben Makori

Makeover: UK fashion bible Vogue turns serious for September

06 Aug 2020

LONDON Misan Harriman hopes to encourage employers to cast the recruitment net more widely with his Vogue cover portrait of influential Black activists in place of the usual pouting stars. | Video

Giant cherry with cream, fly and drone unveiled on London's Fourth Plinth

30 Jul 2020

LONDON A 9-tonne sculpture of a giant swirl of whipped cream with a cherry on top, as well as a fly and a drone, was unveiled on Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth in London on Thursday. | Video

Poetic justice? Toppled slaver's statue replaced by one of Black protester

15 Jul 2020

BRISTOL, England A sculpture of a Black protester with her fist raised in the air has been erected in a stealthy night-time operation in place of a 17th Century English slave trader whose statue was toppled by anti-racism demonstrators in the port city of Bristol. | Video

'It’s depressing': Britain locks down Leicester again after COVID-19 flare-up

30 Jun 2020

LEICESTER, England Britain has imposed a stringent lockdown on the English city of Leicester following a local flare-up of the novel coronavirus, overshadowing Prime Minister Boris Johnson's attempts to nudge the country back to normality. | Video

Rhodes Must Fall - Oxford protesters target statue of colonialist

09 Jun 2020

OXFORD, England More than 1,000 protesters converged on a college at Oxford University on Tuesday, chanting "take it down" and "shame on you" to demand the removal of a statue of 19th century British colonialist Cecil Rhodes. | Video

UK anti-racism protesters clash with mounted police

07 Jun 2020

LONDON British anti-racism protesters briefly clashed with mounted police on Saturday after thousands gathered in central London to voice their anger at police brutality after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. | Video

England's anglers cast coronavirus worries aside, return to action

18 May 2020

OXFORD, England The whoosh and splosh of fishing lines break the silence of a sunny morning on the banks of an English reservoir as dozens of anglers cast their rods in search of trout, and a few precious hours of escape from the coronavirus crisis. | Video

England tiptoes out of lockdown as economy dives

13 May 2020

LONDON England tentatively began easing its coronavirus lockdown on Wednesday, with some people who cannot do their jobs at home urged to return to work, as stark economic data showed the disastrous impact of the pandemic.

Banksy's flying reindeer highlight Christmas homeless plight

11 Dec 2019

BIRMINGHAM, England Elusive British street artist Banksy has highlighted the issue of rough sleeping in a seasonal mural showing two flying reindeer pulling a homeless man on a street-bench sleigh. | Video

Two children found alive in rubble after building collapses in Kenya

13 Jun 2017

NAIROBI Two children were pulled alive on Tuesday from the wreckage of a seven-storey building in a residential area of Nairobi, rescue services said, nearly 24 hours after the building collapsed. | Video

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