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Carolyn Crist

Sleep myths may hinder good sleep and health

7:24pm BST

(Reuters Health) - Widespread beliefs about sleeping include advice on how much sleep is enough, what quality sleep means and how to achieve it, but when these pronouncements are wrong, they can do more harm than good, researchers argue.

Watch the birdie: Badminton players at risk for eye injuries

18 Apr 2019

(Reuters Health) - Badminton players may be at high risk for serious eye injuries, many of which can bring on permanent vision problems or blindness, according to a study of wounds treated at a Beijing hospital.

Sexual harassment common in surgical training programs

16 Apr 2019

(Reuters Health) - About seven in 10 young female surgeons say they have experienced at least one form of sexual harassment during their training, according to a new survey.

Female firefighters' health needs often unaddressed

12 Apr 2019

(Reuters Health) - - Women firefighters, particularly in North America, are less likely to have access to female-specific personal protective equipment and appropriate strength training and conditioning support, according to a new study.

For frail elderly after heart attack, meds may prolong life but impact function

11 Apr 2019

(Reuters Health) - - After a heart attack, frail older adults may live longer by taking several medications typically prescribed to prevent future heart problems, but the drugs might also contribute to increased frailty, a U.S. study suggests.

Caffeine could boost exercise performance

09 Apr 2019

(Reuters Health) - Taking caffeine before exercise could improve performance during a broad range of exercise tasks, according to a new review of past research.

Hospital staff errors with gowns and gloves spread bacteria

05 Apr 2019

(Reuters Health) - - Healthcare workers caring for infectious patients sometimes make mistakes when removing personal protective garments, resulting in contamination of clothes or equipment with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, a small study shows.

New nursing home patients may wait to see a doctor

05 Apr 2019

(Reuters Health) - - When Medicare patients are discharged from a hospital to a skilled nursing facility, the time it takes for a doctor or advanced-level practitioner to see them for a first evaluation can vary widely, a new study suggests.

Severe obesity raises particular travel health issues

02 Apr 2019

(Reuters Health) - International travelers who are obese may face difficulties with flights, hotel access and certain leisure activities, say researchers who suggest the travel industry and travel health specialists should address these issues.

Drinking scalding-hot tea may increase esophagus cancer risk

29 Mar 2019

(Reuters Health) - Tea drinkers who love a scalding-hot cup of the beverage may want to let it cool down a bit to avoid an increased risk of esophagus cancer, a new study suggests.

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