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'No Eid in our home': Pakistani families mourn crash victims

25 May 2020

KARACHI/ISLAMABAD As Fazal Rahmaan, 80 and his wife, Wahida Rahmaan, 74, boarded a plane in the Pakistani city of Lahore on Friday, their family's biggest fear was that they might get catch the coronavirus on their way to spend the holiday in Karachi.

'May Allah remove the virus': Pandemic a grim addition to Afghanistan's woes

15 May 2020

KABUL/ISLAMABAD Delkhah Sultani scrubs laundry outside her home in Kabul as her young daughter watches on. She says she once got paid around $3 a day to wash clothes for other households but since the coronavirus outbreak hit, work has dropped and she now earns $1 every few days to support her and her four children.

Pakistan concerned at workers returning from UAE with coronavirus

05 May 2020

ISLAMABAD/DUBAI Pakistan has raised concerns with the United Arab Emirates that many citizens were returning home from the Gulf Arab state infected with COVID-19 and that crowded living conditions for workers in the UAE may be helping spread the virus, officials said on Tuesday.

Pakistan concerned at workers returning coronavirus-positive from UAE

05 May 2020

ISLAMABAD/DUBAI, May 5 Pakistan has raised concerns with the United Arab Emirates that workers are returning home from the Gulf nation with high rates of COVID-19 and that crowded living conditions in the UAE may be helping the virus to spread, its foreign ministry said.

Children in South Asia at risk as coronavirus disrupts immunization drive - UNICEF

28 Apr 2020

ISLAMABAD/PESHAWAR Disruptions to immunization programmes across South Asia due to the coronavirus pandemic are upending attempts to vaccinate millions of children against deadly diseases, the United Nations' children's fund UNICEF warned on Tuesday.

More than 500 civilians die in Afghan violence in first quarter - U.N.

27 Apr 2020

KABUL/ISLAMABAD More than 500 civilians were killed in Afghanistan in the first three months of the year as violence raged even after an agreement between the United States and the Taliban on withdrawing foreign forces, the United Nations said on Monday.

Pakistani students in Wuhan emerge from lockdown, far from home and with psychological scars

14 Apr 2020

ISLAMABAD For more than a thousand Pakistani students stranded in the Chinese province of Hubei a gruelling lockdown lifted this week, but they must now decide whether to try to return to their home country where cases of coronavirus are rising rapidly. | Video

U.S. to reduce Afghan aid by $1 billion after Pompeo fails to break impasse

24 Mar 2020

DOHA/KABUL U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday announced a $1 billion cut in U.S. aid to Afghanistan after he failed to convince Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his political foe to end a feud that has helped jeopardise a U.S.-led peace effort. | Video

Afghan president Ghani to issue decree on Taliban prisoner release, sources say

09 Mar 2020

KABUL/WASHINGTON Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will issue a decree for at least 1,000 Taliban prisoners to be released this week, five official sources said on Monday, paving the way for opening direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban insurgents.

Why have two Afghans appointed themselves president?

09 Mar 2020

KABUL Two rival Afghan politicians appointed themselves president on Monday following a disputed election, a stand-off that threatens political turbulence days after the United States and the Taliban signed a deal on the withdrawal of U.S.-led forces.

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