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The real reason China’s leader jailed so many of his peers

25 Sep 2015

While Xi has taken out many senior leaders in the Communist Party and the Chinese military, he’s doing so not to protect his own seat of power, but to deal with the threat that factionalism poses to the Party.

China’s stock market is like a casino, and that’s what attracts some investors

19 Aug 2015

For all the noise in the international media about China’s stock-market crisis, remarkably little of its volatility can be observed on the ground.

When the stock bubble burst, did it take the rest of China with it?

11 Aug 2015

How directly does activity in the stock market affect the rest of the Chinese economy?

Chinese authorities tear down cross on Christian nursing home

01 Jan 2015

Chinese authorities have dismantled a cross in a Christian nursing home a week before Christmas, an employee said, the latest example of a growing crackdown on Christianity.

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