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Claudia Wyatt

French foie gras makers fed up by toughened California ban

17 Jan 2019

MONTAUT, France French producers of foie gras, the rich liver delicacy made from force-feeding grain to ducks or geese, have denounced a ban on the product in California, saying they make the creamy paté humanely, following all the rules. | Video

A century on from WW1, 100 years of work remains to clear munitions

08 Nov 2018

VILOSNES-HARAUMONT, France As the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One draws near next month, bomb disposal experts are still digging up munitions sunk in the killing fields of eastern France -- and it could be another 100 years before they are done. | Video

French bakers want their baguettes to be U.N.-listed treasures

28 Sep 2018

PARIS, Sept 28 Imposters beware! After Belgium's beers and Naples' pizzas, the oh-so-French baguette may soon join the UNESCO world listing of cultural wonders.

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