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Deborah Kyvrikosaios

Plight of young Greek jobless plays out on stage

04 Jul 2019

ATHENS Student Iro Stafilaki delivers a monologue on stage during a rehearsal at the Praxi Epta theater school in Athens, pursuing her dream of becoming an actor despite the difficulties as Greece claws its way out of a financial crisis.

At Athens pinball museum, arcade gamers go back in time

04 Apr 2019

ATHENS On a side street near the Acropolis, a new museum is exhibiting items a little different from the elegant white marble statues of ancient Greek antiquity. Here, there are flashing lights, loud pinging and popping noises. | Video

Loukoumakis the dog recovers from Greek wildfire

31 Jul 2018

MATI, Greece Loukoumakis the dog cowered in a corner for two days until he was found by animal rescuers in the ashen devastation of Mati in Greece, traumatized and seemingly unable to move.

Ancient Greek sounds transfix audience in Athens

21 Jun 2018

ATHENS Hymns sung to the Greek gods thousands of years ago resonated from ancient musical instruments in Athens on Thursday, transporting a transfixed audience to antiquity.

Taxi drivers protest against Uber 'invasion' in Greece

06 Mar 2018

ATHENS Hundreds of taxi drivers marched in central Athens on Tuesday to protest at what they called an "invasion" by Uber, and attacked passing cars they thought were being used by the ride-hailing service. | Video

Scientists reconstruct face of 9,000 year-old Greek teenager

26 Jan 2018

ATHENS The last time anyone looked on Dawn's face was 9,000 years ago. | Video

Researchers date discovery of Christ's tomb in Jerusalem to Roman era

30 Nov 2017

ATHENS Mortar under a slab at the heart of Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre dates to the era of Roman Emperor Constantine, confirming historical accounts of the discovery of the place where Christians believe Jesus was entombed, researchers say.

Refugees in Greece demand transfer to Germany, start hunger strike

14 Nov 2017

(The November 1 story has been corrected to read 25,000 in paragraph 11.)

New exhibition gives rare insight into life of diva Maria Callas

01 Jun 2017

ATHENS Forty years after her death, the personal life of opera great Maria Callas still has a rapt audience.

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