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7th Circuit affirms 25-year sentence for Florida man in massive fake loan scheme

17 Apr 2019

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected a bid to reduce the 25-year sentence of the founder of a failed Orlando bank for his role in defrauding a Milwaukee investment firm of $179 million by selling it fake loans.

Groups sue EPA over air pollution from coke ovens

16 Apr 2019

Several environmental groups have filed suit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco federal court, alleging that it is not properly regulating industrial coke ovens that they say emit known carcinogens.

Lawsuit over Hertz's collection for car damages sent to arbitration

15 Apr 2019

Rental car company Hertz does not have to face a proposed class action accusing it of using debt collectors to bill customers for damage to cars months after the vehicles were turned in, a federal judge in California has ruled.

Remington must face lawsuit over teen's shooting death - ruling

12 Apr 2019

A federal judge has declined to dismiss a lawsuit against Remington Arms by a Montana mother and father who allege that their teenage son accidentally shot and killed himself because of defective triggers on Remington rifles that can fire without being pulled.

Pioneer Credit must face lawsuit over student loan collections-ruling

11 Apr 2019

Pioneer Credit Recovery, a collector of student loans for the U.S. Department of Education, will have to face a lawsuit accusing it of charging collection fees from borrowers before they were due, a federal judge in New Jersey ruled.

Judge halts advertising by Texas wedding barn in trademark law spat

11 Apr 2019

A Texas firm accused of copying a custom wedding barn from a competitor must pull any advertising with its barn's image, a federal judge ruled, rejecting the firm's argument that no one has the exclusive right to build white barns.

Taylor Energy loses bid to recover $432 mln from Gulf oil leak trust

11 Apr 2019

A federal judge in the Court of Federal Claims has dismissed a lawsuit by Taylor Energy Company seeking the return of $432 million it set aside to contain oil that has been leaking since a hurricane struck one of its offshore platforms in 2004.

Patagonia sues Anheuser-Busch over use of name for new beer

10 Apr 2019

Sportswear maker Patagonia has filed suit against Anheuser-Busch, accusing the beer company of trademark infringement for copying its name and logo for a new brand of beer it recently launched at Colorado ski resorts.

Alabama couple sues Wells Fargo, BNY over website 'spoofing' fraud

10 Apr 2019

An Alabama couple who allege they lost $650,000 to fraudsters selling purported certificates of deposit on a fake bank of New York Mellon website have sued the bank and Wells Fargo, which allegedly processed a wire transfer to the criminals.

GE ducks lawsuit over Fukushima disaster

09 Apr 2019

A federal judge in Boston has dismissed a proposed class action against General Electric Co by Japanese homeowners and businesses affected by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, ruling that Japan is a better forum for the lawsuit.

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