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Devjyot Ghoshal

Clashes erupt in Delhi over citizenship law; PM Abe cancels visit

11:44am GMT

NEW DELHI Violent clashes erupted in Delhi between police and thousands of university students on Friday over the enactment of a contentious new citizenship law, with the unrest leading Japan's prime minister to cancel a planned visit to India.

India's parliament passes citizenship law, protests flare

11 Dec 2019

NEW DELHI India's Hindu nationalist government on Wednesday won parliamentary approval for a far-reaching citizenship law that critics say undermines the country's secular constitution by excluding Muslims. | Video

U.S. panel eyes sanctions for Indian minister over citizenship curb for Muslims

10 Dec 2019

NEW DELHI A federal panel on religion has urged the United States to weigh sanctions against India's Home Minister Amit Shah if the south Asian nation adopts legislation to exclude Muslims from a path to citizenship for religious minorities from its neighbours.

India's cabinet sends religion-based citizenship bill to parliament

04 Dec 2019

NEW DELHI/GUWAHATI India's cabinet approved a bill on Wednesday to give citizenship to religious minorities persecuted in neighbouring Muslim countries, the first time that the country is seeking to grant nationality on the basis of religion.

Indians demand swift action against rapists as protests spread after woman's murder

02 Dec 2019

NEW DELHI Protests over the alleged rape and murder of a 27-year-old veterinary doctor spread to cities across India on Monday as people demanded tough and swift punishments, including public lynchings, to stop crimes against women.

Police round up students in India's capital as fee protests grow

18 Nov 2019

NEW DELHI Indian police said they briefly detained around 50 students in New Delhi on Monday as protests against proposed fee hikes at a prestigious public university entered a second week and degenerated into clashes.

India's top court delays ruling on ban on women entering Hindu temple

14 Nov 2019

NEW DELHI India's top court on Thursday delayed a verdict on the lifting of a centuries-old ban on women of menstruating age entering a Hindu temple, asking more judges to consider the case involving gender discrimination and religion that has divided opinion.

Trapped and helpless: How families are fighting Delhi's pollution horror

08 Nov 2019

NEW DELHI When a toxic smog darkened the skies over the Indian capital last weekend and air pollution peaked to its highest levels this year, Nabeela Moinuddin and Fareeda, living on opposite sides of the economic divide, were panic-stricken for their families.

India chided for revoking overseas citizenship of British Modi critic

08 Nov 2019

NEW DELHI Press freedom watchdogs rebuked the Indian government on Friday for revoking the overseas citizenship of British writer Aatish Taseer, calling it retribution for criticism of Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Explainer: India's Kashmir region set to lose autonomy, divided

30 Oct 2019

NEW DELHI India's government will formally break up Jammu and Kashmir state into two federal territories on Thursday, as part of a sweeping move to tighten its grip over the restive region that is at the heart of more than 70 years of hostility with Pakistan.

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