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Japan hopes to draft G7 formin statement on China security legislation on Hong Kong - source

08 Jun 2020

TOKYO Japan hopes to draft a joint statement on China's new security legislation on Hong Kong at the next Group of Seven (G7) foreign ministers' meeting, a Japanese government source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Monday.

Japan's Naomi Osaka adds voice to U.S. protests: 'silence is betrayal'

02 Jun 2020

TOKYO Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka has added her voice to protests over the death of an African-American man in U.S. police custody, criticising people for tweeting more about lootings than his death.

Calm before the storm for Japan suicides as coronavirus ravages economy

29 May 2020

TOKYO The phones at the Tokyo suicide hotline start ringing as soon as it opens for its once-weekly overnight session. They don't stop until the lone volunteer fielding calls from hundreds of people yearning to talk signs out early the next morning.

Japan fireworks makers to light up night skies at secret time to cheer nation

21 May 2020

TOKYO On a night not too far in the future but still being kept secret, skies across Japan will light up with simultaneous fireworks displays from north to south in a plan by fireworks makers to cheer a nation weary of battling the coronavirus.


19 May 2020

[東京 16日 ロイター] - 新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大で崩壊の危機に瀕しているのは、患者の救命に追われる医療現場だけではない。高齢化が進む日本では、介護現場も人材がひっ迫して飽和状態に陥ろうとしている。

In Japan's elder-care homes, coronavirus tests limits of overstretched staff

12 May 2020

TOKYO At the Tokyo elder-care home where 27-year-old Yoshimu works, the coronavirus has stretched already tight staffing, leaving residents to sometimes sit longer in soiled diapers or to steal food from one another.

Japan PM Abe leaning towards extending state of emergency, to decide May 4

01 May 2020

TOKYO Japanese Prime |(Minister Shinzo Abe said on Friday he was leaning towards extending the country's state of emergency for about a month as experts said coronavirus restrictions should remain in place until the number of cases falls further.

Faulty masks for pregnant women are latest problem for Japan's government

28 Apr 2020

TOKYO Some 300,000 coronavirus masks sent to pregnant women in Japan as part of a government handout have been found to be faulty, media reported on Tuesday, the latest in a string of complaints about how the government has dealt with the epidemic.

Lacking protective gear, Japan's Osaka pleads for plastic raincoats

15 Apr 2020

TOKYO The Japanese city of Osaka has issued an urgent plea for citizens to donate plastic raincoats to hospitals running short of protective gear for staff treating coronavirus patients, with some doctors resorting to wearing garbage bags.

Tokyo seeks shop shutdowns, Kyoto warns tourists away as coronavirus threatens Japan economy

10 Apr 2020

TOKYO Metropolitan Tokyo asked some businesses to close and the ancient capital of Kyoto warned tourists to stay away as Japan battles a fast-spreading outbreak of the new coronavirus, amid fears the government's measures are too little and too late.

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