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Argentina's YPF reports well fire after leak at Vaca Muerta gas field

15 Sep 2019

SANTIAGO, Sept 15 Argentina's state-controlled oil company YPF said a gas well caught fire at its vast shale oil and gas formation of Vaca Muerta early on Sunday following a gas leak on the previous day.

Time to buy? Argentina's bargain basement stocks start to gain appeal

13 Sep 2019

BUENOS AIRES/NEW YORK Argentina's stocks, which crashed last month to multi-year lows, are starting to lure in hardy investors tempted by bargain basement prices, even as the country teeters on the brink of default ahead of a general election next month.

Argentina inflation expected at 53% in December 2019: treasury officials

12 Sep 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's inflation rate is expected at 53% in December 2019, but will fall back to 34% the following year, according to projections in the forthcoming 2020 budget, treasury officials said on Wednesday.

Argentina announces new round of currency controls amid economic crisis

12 Sep 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's central bank late on Wednesday announced further currency controls in an effort to tame speculation and stem a spiraling debt crisis in Latin America's third largest economy.

Argentina's black market peso veers from official price after Macri imposes controls

03 Sep 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's black market peso is breaking away from the official spot rate by the largest margin since 2015, as political upheaval and currency controls spook investors about the currency's real value.

Argentine peso, bonds whiplashed after capital controls imposed

03 Sep 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentine bond prices fell to record lows on Monday and the official and black market pesos diverged after the country imposed capital controls in a bid to stem a currency rout that is sharpening the risk of default. | Video

Argentina says to extend maturities of international bonds, IMF debt

29 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina will negotiate with holders of its sovereign bonds and the International Monetary Fund to extend the maturities of its debt obligations as a way of ensuring the country's ability to pay, Treasury Minister Hernan Lacunza said on Wednesday.

UPDATE 3-Argentina sells $302 mln in reserves to support peso, breaking IMF guideline

28 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES, Aug 27 Argentina's central bank on Tuesday exceeded for the first time a guideline on reserve sales agreed as part of its $57 billion standby agreement with the International Monetary Fund, selling $302 million in the foreign exchange market, traders said.

Argentina presidential front-runner Fernandez pledges 'no default' if elected

22 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentine presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez said on Thursday there was "no possibility" the country would default on its debt if he were elected in October, but that the government would have to negotiate new terms with creditors due to the weak economy.

Argentina´s Fernandez says country will struggle to repay IMF loan, must renegotiate

18 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES The Argentine opposition candidate, Alberto Fernandez, said that the country would struggle under present conditions to repay a loan to the International Monetary Fund and he would seek to renegotiate the repayment terms, according to an interview published on Sunday by the newspaper Clarin.

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