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Elizabeth Pineau

Living the dream: the commoners who bought a French castle

11 Dec 2019

LES TROIS-MOUTIERS, France For most of the year, Willy Nanlohij, a 62-year-old retired bank worker, lives with his wife Hilda in a comfortable yet unremarkable home in the Dutch city of Enschede. | Video

France to end tax breaks for palm oil in biofuel

15 Nov 2019

PARIS France's parliament on Friday voted to remove tax breaks for the use of palm oil as a biofuel, a day after a ruling in favour of maintaining the advantage led to howls of protests from environmentalists.

Macron faces ghost of 'Yellow Vest' past in Christmas run-up

14 Nov 2019

FONTAINEBLEAU, France Agostinho Barreto has stowed away his neon yellow vest and stopped occupying road junctions in protest against the burden of high French taxes. But the garage owner still seethes with anger at the mention of President Emmanuel Macron.

France, under pressure from right wing, toughens stance on immigration

06 Nov 2019

PARIS France is to clear out some migrant tent camps, impose quotas for migrant workers and deny newly-arrived asylum seekers access to non-urgent healthcare, in a drive to show voters President Emmanuel Macron is heeding their concerns about immigration.

At home of Mona Lisa, a retrospective on da Vinci's life and work

20 Oct 2019

PARIS France's Louvre museum, home to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, is putting the final touches to one of the biggest ever exhibitions of the Italian master's work with the presence of the world's most expensive painting agonisingly unresolved.

Dissent grows among the loyalists Macron needs for reform push - sources

04 Oct 2019

ANNECY, France Previously-loyal lawmakers inside Emmanuel Macron's party are voicing dissent about its direction, according to interviews with party insiders, exposing new faultlines in the political base the French president needs to deliver his reform agenda.

Chanel takes to Parisian rooftops for fashion show

01 Oct 2019

PARIS Chanel paraded its models along Paris' emblematic grey zinc rooftops for its fashion show on Tuesday, in an atmospheric recreation of the city's skyline complete with a brooding sky. | Video

Lanvin shows off capes and flowing looks in lush catwalk garden

26 Sep 2019

LONDON Models at Lanvin's fashion show in Paris shrugged off the drizzle for a stroll through a dreamy museum garden on Wednesday, showing off long dresses, comic strip prints and adventurous capes. | Video

France's National Assembly leader and Macron ally investigated in graft probe

12 Sep 2019

PARIS French National Assembly President Richard Ferrand was determined to stay in his job after investigating judges placed the close ally of President Emmanuel Macron under formal investigation in a financial impropriety case, his office said.

Defying Macron, maths genius splits French leader's camp in Paris

04 Sep 2019

PARIS Emmanuel Macron's bid to control Paris City Hall plunged into uncertainty on Wednesday after ruling party lawmaker Cedric Villani said he would challenge the president's own candidate - a rebellious act akin to his own rise to power in 2017.

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