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Erol Dogrudogan

French, German leaders try to re-energise embattled EU project

22 Jan 2019

AACHEN, Germany The leaders of France and Germany meet on Tuesday to deepen a 1963 treaty of post-war reconciliation in a bid to show that the European Union's main axis remains strong and counter growing eurosceptic nationalism among some other members.

Hundreds of migrants picked up between Libya and Italy

11 Mar 2018

ABOARD AQUARIUS RESCUE SHIP International charity ships and Libya's coastguard and picked up several hundred migrants on Saturday as smugglers trying to take advantage of calm seas launched a flurry of boats towards Italy. | Video

With extra police, Cologne women revel in carnival after attacks

04 Feb 2016

COLOGNE, Germany Undeterred by sexual attacks blamed on migrants on New Year's Eve, German women in clown costumes and bright wigs kicked off six days of carnival celebrations in Cologne on Thursday amid unusually heavy security.

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