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Evelynn Lin

Taiwan capex lending takes hit

09 Aug 2019

* Loans: Government woos companies back home with cheap financing

Indian NBFCs flock offshore

06 Jun 2019

HONG KONG, June 6 (LPC) - Indian non-banking financial companies are making a beeline for the international loan markets in search of alternative funding sources, even as questions swirl over lenders' appetite for the country's financial sector.

Lenders flock to IOC blockbuster

01 Mar 2019

HONG KONG, March 1 (LPC) - State-owned Indian Oil Corp bumped up its latest five-year borrowing to US$1.7bn, its largest offshore loan on record, following an overwhelming response from lenders despite seemingly tight pricing.

Anta Sports kicks off China M&A

11 Jan 2019

* Loans: International banks dominant in 2019’s first Chinese acquisition loan

Chinese schools on funding spree

14 Dec 2018

* Loans: Education firms test offshore waters as lenders study regulations

China lenders resist reputational risks

30 Nov 2018

HONG KONG, Nov 30 (LPC) - China Huarong Asset Management, China's biggest bad-debt manager, has shown that even state-owned borrowers can struggle to attract international lenders.

Taiwan Inc in capex flurry

09 Nov 2018

* Loans: Lenders eye better returns from local investment plans

Yes Bank lines up offshore loan test

13 Jul 2018

Hong Kong, July 13 (TRLPC) - Yes Bank is testing appetite for Indian bank risk among international lenders with the first sizeable offshore loan from the sector since authorities uncovered the biggest fraud in the country’s banking history.

Foreign banks step up in Taiwan

19 Mar 2018

HONG KONG (LPC) - Taiwan’s ultra-competitive loan market, dominated by highly-liquid domestic lenders, is turning out to be an unlikely source of opportunities for international banks.

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