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Divided Kosovo mountain village unites to fight hydropower plant

11 Oct 2019

BITI E POSHTME, Kosovo, Oct 11 Kosovo Albanians and their Serb neighbours, who have lived apart in their tiny village for decades, united on Friday to protest against the building of a hydropower plant which they say will deprive them of water and all-important raspberry crop.

Trump's envoy visits Kosovo in push for new talks with Serbia

09 Oct 2019

PRISTINA A special envoy of U.S. President Donald Trump arrived in Kosovo on Wednesday three days after it held an election, in a new push to restart talks with Serbia to reach a final deal that would pave the way for Kosovo's membership in the United Nations.

Kosovo voters flock to opposition parties in parliamentary poll

07 Oct 2019

PRISTINA The opposition leftist Vetevendosje party was set to come in first in Kosovo's parliamentary poll, but it will have to negotiate a coalition to form a government. | Video

Kosovo to elect new parliament amid anger over graft, unemployment

01 Oct 2019

PRISTINA Voters in Kosovo will pick a new parliament on Sunday in a snap election dominated by rampant corruption, sky-high unemployment and poor relations with neighbouring Serbia that it must try to mend if it is to move closer towards eventual EU membership.

Kosovo lawmakers vote to dissolve parliament, paving way for election

22 Aug 2019

PRISTINA Kosovo lawmakers voted to dissolve parliament on Thursday, paving the way for a parliamentary election after Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj resigned last month.

West tells Kosovo and Serbia to return to negotiating table

13 Aug 2019

PRISTINA Four European countries and the United States urged Kosovo and Serbia on Tuesday to re-launch their dialogue on normalising ties in order to advance their bid for EU membership.

Kosovo's PM quits after being called to Hague war crimes court

19 Jul 2019

PRISTINA Kosovo's prime minister said on Friday he was resigning because he had been called to a war crimes court in The Hague to answer prosecutors' questions related to Kosovo's violent independence struggle two decades ago.

Kosovo Serbs close shops to protest import tariffs

01 Jul 2019

BELGRADE/PRISTINA Shops, restaurants and bakeries in Serb-dominated northern Kosovo closed their doors on Monday to protest against a 100% tax the country has imposed on goods imported from Serbia, in a move that could further sour ties between Belgrade and Pristina.

Kosovo Albanians welcome Clinton, Albright 20 years after NATO intervention

12 Jun 2019

PRISTINA Thousands of Kosovo Albanians turned out on Wednesday to welcome back former U.S. president Bill Clinton and his ex-top diplomat Madeleine Albright 20 years after they helped engineer the NATO air war that ousted Serbian forces.

Serbia places forces on alert after Kosovo police operation in Serb-populated north

28 May 2019

BELGRADE/PRISTINA Serbia ordered its troops on full alert on Tuesday and Russia accused Kosovo of provocation after a Kosovan police anti-crime operation in a region populated mainly by Serbs led to clashes.

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