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Brewer AB InBev seeks to nail SABMiller bid with sweetened offer

26 Jul 2016

BRUSSELS/LONDON Anheuser-Busch InBev raised its $100 billion-plus bid for rival brewer SABMiller on Tuesday in an attempt to quash investor dissent over an offer made less attractive by a post Brexit vote fall in the pound. | Video

Corporate raiders seek Brexit bargains in Britain

24 Jul 2016

LONDON Overseas buyers lured by a plunge in the pound are looking to snare British companies on the cheap, ensuring a steady flow of deals since Britain voted to leave the European Union and defying expectations of an M&A drought.

SABMiller to scrutinize AB InBev mega-deal after regulator approval - chairman

21 Jul 2016

SABMiller's board will review its $107 billion merger deal with Anheuser Busch InBev once all regulatory approvals have been secured, its chairman said on Thursday.

SABMiller says to review AB InBev deal once approved by regulators

21 Jul 2016

LONDON SABMiller's board will review its $107 billion (£81 billion) merger deal with Anheuser Busch InBev once all regulatory approvals have been secured, its chairman said on Thursday.

'All the stages of grief': private equity ponders dismal Brexit outlook

13 Jul 2016

LONDON Britain's vote to leave the European Union has put private equity firms on the back foot, forcing them to stall some planned deals, reconsider fundraising strategies and possibly move staff to centers that will remain in the bloc.

Exclusive - Shell CEO warns Brexit could slow $30 billion asset sale plan

08 Jul 2016

LONDON Royal Dutch Shell's chief executive, Ben van Beurden, has told investors that Britain's decision to exit the European Union could slow its $30 billion (23 billion pounds) asset sale plan, especially in the North Sea which had struggled to attract buyers for years.

Equity deals sag to four-year low, Brexit seen shrinking volumes: TR data

30 Jun 2016

LONDON/HONG KONG Global equity capital markets activity has sunk to a four-year low in 2016 according to quarterly ThomsonReuters data, although bankers and investors said that while Brexit could dent volumes it would not sink the market.

HINTERGRUND-Die lange Nacht von London - "Alle wollen dabei sein"

23 Jun 2016

London Das Fingerfood ist schon bestellt, die Hotelzimmer in der Nähe der Büros sind gebucht: Die weltgrößten Banken bereiten sich auf eine aufreibende Nachtschicht in den Büros und Handelsräumen nach der Abstimmung über den Austritt Großbritanniens aus der Europäischen Union (EU) vor.

Chinese buying spree prompts personal touch in private equity sales

22 Jun 2016

LONDON China's hunger for Western companies has pushed private equity funds to change the way they do business, prompting them to ditch lengthy auctions in favor of one-on-one talks to secure higher prices and quicker deals.

YouGov to release Brexit night poll, hopes to repeat Scotland success

22 Jun 2016

LONDON British pollster YouGov will publish a poll showing how people have voted in the European Union referendum shortly after polling stations close on Thursday, hoping to repeat its successful prediction of the 2014 Scottish independence vote.

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