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Gabriel Stargardter

Brazil records nearly 50,000 coronavirus deaths as crisis deepens

21 Jun 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO Nearly 50,000 people have died from the coronavirus in Brazil, the world No. 2 hotspot, with 1,022 fatalities in the last 24 hours, the Health Ministry said on Saturday.

Brazil passes 1 million coronavirus cases with no end in sight

20 Jun 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO Brazil passed 1 million coronavirus cases on Friday and approached 50,000 deaths, a new nadir for the world's second worst-hit country as it struggles with a tense political climate and worsening economic outlook.

Special Report: Bolsonaro brought in his generals to fight coronavirus. Brazil is losing the battle

26 May 2020

SÃO PAULO/RIO DE JANEIRO In mid-March, Brazil took what seemed to be a forceful early strike against the coronavirus pandemic.

In video, Bolsonaro says wanted cops replaced to stop family being 'screwed'

23 May 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO/BRASILIA Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said he was unwilling to see his family get "screwed" because of his inability to change law enforcement officials, according to a video released on Friday set to deepen the political crisis surrounding him.

Latin America wrestles with reopening as coronavirus peak looms

30 Apr 2020

By Gabriel Stargardter, Pedro Fonseca and Natalia A. Ramos Miranda

Special Report: Peruvian coca farmers to Paris pushers, coronavirus upends global narcotics trade

22 Apr 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO/MEXICO CITY Countries around the world have spent billions of dollars bailing out businesses affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Peru's coca farmers, who grow the bushy plant used to make cocaine, say they want help, too.

Brazil cocaine kingpin nabbed in Mozambique as gang expands

14 Apr 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO/MAPUTO One of Brazil's top cocaine traffickers has been arrested in Mozambique, officials in both countries said, underlining the growing global footprint of the First Capital Command (PCC) gang, Brazil's most powerful criminal organization.

One Brazilian minister shines as coronavirus clobbers Bolsonaro

01 Apr 2020

RIO DE JANEIRO/BRASILIA As criticism has grown over President Jair Bolsonaro's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, many Brazilians are turning to another voice for guidance and reassurance.

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