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New typhoid fever vaccine protects young children

04 Dec 2019

(Reuters Health) - The first field trial of a new typhoid vaccine that can be used in young children provides protection for 81.6% of recipients, opening the door to better control of a disease that affects 11 million people each year and kills roughly 117,000.

MRI spots tumors in women with dense breasts, but false positives a problem

27 Nov 2019

(Reuters Health) - Breast cancer can be difficult to detect in women with extremely dense breast tissue, but a new Dutch study indicates that getting an MRI scan can spot tumors that would otherwise be missed.

Colchicine cuts odds of new heart attack, stroke in heart attack survivors

18 Nov 2019

(Reuters Health) - The inflammation-fighting drug colchicine, already a treatment for gout, dramatically reduces the odds of future cardiovascular problems in people who have just survived a heart attack, a large new study has concluded.

Second surgery for many ovarian cancers found ineffective

13 Nov 2019

(Reuters Health) - Going back into the operating room for surgery to help a woman whose ovarian cancer has reappeared may not help her live longer - instead, it might shorten her life, according to an international study of 485 women.

Injured soldier has functional penis one year after first-of-its-kind transplant

06 Nov 2019

(Reuters Health) - Doctors who transplanted a complete penis and scrota onto the body of a soldier wounded by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan reported Wednesday that the man has regained near-normal erections and the ability to achieve orgasm more than one year after the surgery was completed.

Survey logs big one-year jump in nicotine vaping among 8th-graders

18 Sep 2019

The rate of nicotine vaping among 8th-graders in the U.S. nearly doubled in the past year and the rate among 12th-graders jumped by 22%, according to a new survey released Wednesday

One pill with four drugs may lower heart risks in poor population

18 Sep 2019

A single daily pill containing low doses of common medications might provide a simple, inexpensive way to reduce risks for heart attacks and stroke in underprivileged communities, researchers say.

Potentially harmful carbon pollution reaches fetal side of placenta: study

17 Sep 2019

(Reuters Health) - Airborne carbon particles that can cause health problems in adults and children are getting into the placenta as it nourishes a developing fetus, a new study has found.

Fish oil study fails to show reduction in premature babies

11 Sep 2019

(Reuters Health) - A large Australian study is debunking the idea that fish oil capsules can lower the odds of premature delivery or raise the chances of late-pregnancy complications.

After heart attack stenting, coming back to open other narrowed arteries pays off - study

02 Sep 2019

A new study offers some advice for doctors poking around the heart to reopen a clogged artery that has caused one type of heart attack: Come back again to finish the job.

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