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Giulia Paravicini

Locust plague devastates crops in Horn of Africa

17 Jan 2020

JIGJIGA, Ethiopia Ethiopian farmer Ahmed Ibrahim batted empty water bottles at a swarm of desert locusts the size of his palms that were devouring his field of khat - the mildly narcotic leaf that is his family's main source of income.

Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan deadlocked over giant Nile dam, look to Washington talks

10 Jan 2020

(Corrects paragraph 12 of this Jan. 9 story to reflect options after Jan. 15 deadline.)

Somalia hit by worst desert locust invasion in 25 years

18 Dec 2019

ADDIS ABABA Desert locusts are destroying tens of thousands of hectares of crops and grazing land in Somalia in the worst invasion in 25 years, the United Nations food agency said on Wednesday, and the infestation is likely to spread further.

Ethiopia PM should talk to media when collecting Peace Prize - Nobel committee

05 Dec 2019

OSLO/ADDIS ABABA Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will not talk to the news media when he is in Oslo next week to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, drawing rare criticism from the award committee, which says a free and independent press is vital.

Ethiopia's Sidama vote overwhelmingly to form autonomous region

23 Nov 2019

HAWASSA, Ethiopia Ethiopia's Sidama people have voted overwhelmingly to form their own self-governing region as many of the country's ethnic groups demand greater autonomy under sweeping reforms led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Ethiopian human rights boss battles scant resources

20 Nov 2019

(This Nov 17 story, corrects paragraph 2 to show Bekele did not work for HRW at time of appointment to current post)

'Born again' Ethiopian minority votes on autonomy

20 Nov 2019

HAWASSA, Ethiopia Members of Ethiopia's Sidama minority remembered loved ones lost in their long struggle for autonomy as they voted on Wednesday in a self-determination referendum that tests Ethiopia's ability to manage ethnic demands after more than a year of reforms. | Video

For one family, Ethiopian referendum reverberates through generations

20 Nov 2019

HAWASSA, Ethiopia Government forces displayed the severed heads of Yerusalem Kawiso's relatives in the market after the two men fought to carve out a state for Ethiopia's Sidama people. Forty years later, the Ethiopian mother rose before dawn on Wednesday to vote for the referendum her family dreamed of.

Test for Ethiopia's reforms as Sidama people vote on autonomy

18 Nov 2019

HAWASSA, Ethiopia Awol Beyene got married on Sunday in a white tuxedo, with his voting card in one hand and his bride's hand in the other. | Video

Ethiopia says at least 78 people killed in protests last week, number could rise

31 Oct 2019

ADDIS ABABA At least 78 people were killed in protests in Ethiopia last week against the treatment of a prominent activist, the prime minister's spokeswoman said on Thursday.

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