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Hameed Farzad

Afghan president urges new lawmakers to participate in peace process

26 Apr 2019

KABUL Afghan President Ashraf Ghani encouraged newly-elected lawmakers to participate in the peace process with the Taliban as he opened on Friday the first session of parliament since a controversial election.

'A hunter's hope' - Snaring birds in warring Afghanistan

15 Apr 2019

BAGRAM, Afghanistan As the early morning light breaks over the plain north of Kabul, bird hunter Jan Agha checks his snares as he has done for the past 30 years, hoping to catch a crane, using a tethered bird to lure others down to the nets. | Video

Explosions in Afghan capital Kabul kill six during new year festival

22 Mar 2019

(This March 21 story was refiled to fix the spelling of a name in paragraph 7)

Afghanistan's post 9/11 generation wary of any future with the Taliban

01 Feb 2019

KABUL Afghanistan's Generation Z has grown up in a 17-year window shadowed by warfare and a heavy international presence, but now faces an uncertain future and the possibility of stark change. | Video

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