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Hyun Young Yi

'Don't ask my age': Ageing South Koreans begin a new chapter on the catwalk, YouTube

27 Jun 2019

SEOUL Boasting an overgrown beard and grey wavy hair, 65-year-old Kim Chil-doo glared into the wall, poised and confidant, as he practiced his runway walk among young, pin-thin models at an academy in Seoul earlier this month. | Video

Hello, stranger: South Koreans recount awkward reunions with families in North

30 Aug 2018

SEOUL There were no tearful hugs when 81-year-old South Korean Jung Hak-soon met her North Korean nephew and sister-in-law for the first time.

'When can we meet?' - Koreans divided by war find little peace 65 years later

15 Aug 2018

GYODONG ISLAND, South Korea Retired South Korean farmer Hwang Rae-ha would love to see his mother again, but nearly 70 years after he last set eyes on her, he says he would settle for a photograph. | Video

Latte art and a gym ad - Kim Jong Un's softer image in South Korea

07 Jun 2018

SEOUL With missile tests, nuclear threats and ruthless destruction of opponents, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been an ominous presence hanging over the South. | Video

Pyeongchang Games 'killing' equipment rental business, say owners

20 Feb 2018

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea Visitors coming to Phoenix Snow Park for the Winter Olympics' freestyle skiing and snowboarding events are being stopped in their tracks by a jarring red banner that marks the front lines in a battle between local business owners and Games organizers.

A week after purge, business as usual at N. Korean factory park

19 Dec 2013

SEOUL North Korea hosted a group of foreign officials and journalists on Thursday in a rare opening of an industrial zone jointly run with the South, a week after the regime executed the powerful uncle of leader Kim Jong Un.

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