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Javier Andres Rojas

As they repair Iota's damage, Colombian survivors vow to rebuild

23 Nov 2020

BOGOTA When Category 5 Hurricane Iota roared over the small Colombian island of Providencia in the early hours of Monday morning, Yeisler Chamorro and his wife hunkered down underneath a mattress in their bedroom. | Video

Mariachis delight quarantined Colombians with jolts of street music

19 May 2020

BOGOTA The boisterous music - usually heard at family celebrations and raucous birthdays - bursts through the eerily quiet streets of Colombia's capital, Bogota. The mariachis have arrived.

The bridesmaids wore masks: Colombian couple meets, marries in coronavirus shelter

23 Apr 2020

BOGOTA The wedding was traditional - a white dress for the bride, a suit for the groom and a large entourage of around 240 guests. | Video

Coronavirus stokes fear among Venezuelan migrants in Latin America

20 Mar 2020

BOGOTA/LIMA For millions of Venezuelan migrants who fled the crisis in their homeland, many struggling daily in countries across Latin America to afford food and rent, the spread of coronavirus threatens to bring new hardship.

Venezuelans flood into Ecuador, defying passport rules

22 Aug 2018

IPIALES, Colombia More than 200 Venezuelans crossed the border illegally into Ecuador on Tuesday, fleeing a deepening economic and political crisis at home in a desperate race to get to Peru before new entry restrictions kick in on Saturday.

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