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Javier Barbancho

Spain's health workers protest against health service cuts

29 Nov 2020

MADRID Dancing and banging drums in the street, doctors and nurses protested in Madrid on Sunday against cuts which they say have left them struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Protesters against COVID-19 restrictions clash with police in Spanish cities

01 Nov 2020

MADRID Spain's prime minister on Saturday condemned a series of violent protests in cities across the country against restrictions imposed to curb the surge of COVID-19 after a six-month state of emergency came into effect this week. | Video

Protesters say localised lockdowns in Madrid discriminate against poor

20 Sep 2020

MADRID Protesters in some poorer areas of Madrid that are facing lockdown to stem a soaring COVID-19 infection rate took to the streets on Sunday to call for better health provisions, complaining of discrimination by the authorities.

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