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Jillian Kitchener

Apps let more women ‘swipe right’ to find friends

08 Mar 2019

NEW YORK Women have long relied on dating apps to find romantic partners, but many now are going online to seek another special someone: a friend. | Video

Free to play, expensive to love: 'Fortnite' changes video game business

04 May 2018

To see the storm that online video game "Fortnite" has unleashed on the world, just visit Jett Sacher in Brooklyn. The 13-year-old spends an hour or two every day on the game with his friends and is not afraid to spend his pocket money on it - bit by bit. | Video

Analysis of crickets' jumps could lead to new, tiny robots

18 Dec 2015

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University are dissecting crickets' jumps, not with a scalpel, but with high-speed cameras to analyze their patterns of movement. | Video

Walking while working may ease muscle pain

30 Sep 2015

For many office workers, their job has literally become a pain in the neck. While standing desks are becomingly an increasingly popular option for those who suffer physical discomfort at work, a researcher at McGill University in Quebec says her study of treadmill workstations show them to be potentially more beneficial and able to help diminish work-related musculoskeletal disorders. | Video

Hidden damage revealed in veterans' brains from IED blasts

13 Aug 2015

A research team at Johns Hopkins University says they have found a unique honeycomb pattern of broken and swollen nerve fibers in brains of Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans who survived improvised explosive device (IED) blasts, but later died of other causes. In doing so, the team says they may have found the signature of "shell shock" - a problem that has afflicted many soldiers since World War One warfare. | Video

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