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John Chalmers

Britain won't heed EU rules to win free trade: PM aide

17 Feb 2020

BRUSSELS Britain will not be threatened into following EU rules in the future by talk of economic rifts and is ready to trade with the bloc on basic international terms if needs be, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Europe adviser said on Monday.

Scotland is taking steps towards independence vote - Sturgeon

10 Feb 2020

BRUSSELS Scotland is already taking steps to hold a referendum on independence and believes it is a matter of when rather than if the country separates from the rest of Britain, Scotland's First Minister said on Monday.

Brexit trade deal clash: UK and EU spar over rules

03 Feb 2020

LONDON/BRUSSELS The European Union and Britain clashed over a post-Brexit trade deal on Monday, with the two sides setting out very different visions of a future relationship that could result in the most distant of ties. | Video

In Brussels, a quiet last nod for Brexit and a rainy 'au revoir'

30 Jan 2020

BRUSSELS Brexit cleared its last formal hurdle in Brussels on Thursday, setting Britain's Jan. 31 exit from the European Union in stone, but it was an unceremonious moment and a party in the heart of the EU's capital to say "au revoir" was a rain-drenched washout. | Video

Explainer: Brexit 'done' at last - now for the hard part

30 Jan 2020

BRUSSELS At the stroke of midnight in Brussels on Friday, Britain will leave the European Union and Prime Minister Boris Johnson will deliver on his election promise to "Get Brexit Done".

Brexit crusader Farage: "I'll miss playing the villain"

29 Jan 2020

BRUSSELS As Nigel Farage packed a few belongings into a box at his office in the European Union's parliament in Brussels on Tuesday, he reflected that he will miss the very institution on which - as its bluntest critic - he built his political career. | Video

Even 'bare bones' EU-UK deal will be complex, tough to clinch - diplomats

23 Jan 2020

BRUSSELS Wrapping up even a "bare bones" deal on the future relationship between the European Union and Britain will be fraught with complexity and, with so little time to get it done, a painful "hard" Brexit on Dec. 31 cannot be ruled out, diplomats said.

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