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John Kemp

Column: U.S. refiners shrink distillate surplus but market remains vulnerable

29 Oct 2020

LONDON Boosted by strong consumption of diesel, U.S. oil refiners are making progress on reducing excess stocks of middle distillates by limiting crude processing and focusing on making as much gasoline as possible.

Column: Coronavirus and the great workplace debate

29 Oct 2020

LONDON Decisions on where and how to work are embodied in trillions of dollars of investment worldwide, including the siting of commercial and residential real estate as well as transportation systems and other infrastructure.

Column: OPEC+ set for a three-month output rollover

27 Oct 2020

LONDON Saudi Arabia and Russia will probably agree to extend their oil production cuts and postpone planned increases when they meet for talks with their OPEC+ partners at the end of November.

Column: Funds buy crude on expected delay to OPEC+ output increase

27 Oct 2020

LONDON Hedge funds purchased crude futures and options at the fastest rate for six months as portfolio managers became increasingly confident OPEC+ will postpone scheduled output increases until demand is stronger.

Column: U.S. oil refineries slow as gasoline demand softens

22 Oct 2020

LONDON By restricting crude processing and focusing on making gasoline, U.S. petroleum refiners have made progress in reducing excess stocks of middle distillates such as diesel and heating oil.

Column: China’s rise and U.S. fears about decline

22 Oct 2020

LONDON In his landmark study of the history of economic growth, Joel Mokyr observed "the best predictor of the living standard that a newborn baby can expect to enjoy is the accident of where he or she is born". ("The Lever of Riches", 1990).

Column: Hedge funds see OPEC+ offsetting recession risk

19 Oct 2020

LONDON Hedge funds are reducing their risk exposure to crude oil and refined products against a backdrop of increasing uncertainty over a resurgence in the coronavirus and potential double-dip recession.

Column: Shrinking U.S. oil stocks point to market rebalancing

08 Oct 2020

LONDON Excess petroleum inventories are being absorbed as lower prices compel U.S. shale producers and the members of OPEC+ to limit their output, confirming the market is on course to rebalance in 2021.

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