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Jorge Otaola

Argentine bonds rise after government unveils debt revamp framework

7:53pm BST

BUENOS AIRES Argentine bond prices rose and risk spreads tightened on Friday after the government submitted a debt renegotiation framework bill to Congress the night before, lending some clarity to how Argentina will respond to its latest financial crisis.

Argentine forex reserves hit lowest level since end-2018 amid dollar leak

17 Sep 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's foreign currency reserves have hit their lowest level since the end of last year, the most recent central bank data showed on Tuesday, at a time when the government has been burning through its dollars to help shore up the peso.

'Fictitious calm': Argentine controls steady markets, but more uncertainty lies ahead

06 Sep 2019

BUENOS AIRES/NEW YORK Argentine markets ended the week on a high after capital controls helped arrest a sharp plunge in the peso currency and local bond prices, but investors said the outlook remained shaky amid swirling political and financial uncertainty.

Argentina opposition front-runner strikes populist tone in Madrid, markets hold steady

05 Sep 2019

BUENOS AIRES/MADRID Argentina's likely next president, opposition front-runner Alberto Fernandez, laid out his populist credentials during a visit to Madrid on Thursday, saying local Argentine interests would trump those of creditors and energy investors.

Argentine markets hold steady as anti-Macri protesters decry austerity, rising poverty

04 Sep 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentine markets held steady on Wednesday, even as thousands of protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against the government of President Mauricio Macri and a darkening economic outlook in the recession-hit South American country.

Wall Street traders pump up Argentine peso as currency controls hit home

03 Sep 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's peso surged on Tuesday, pumped up by Wall Street traders cheering President Mauricio Macri's capital controls that are aimed at protecting the beleaguered currency.

UPDATE 3-Argentina sells $302 mln in reserves to support peso, breaking IMF guideline

28 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES, Aug 27 Argentina's central bank on Tuesday exceeded for the first time a guideline on reserve sales agreed as part of its $57 billion standby agreement with the International Monetary Fund, selling $302 million in the foreign exchange market, traders said.

IMF meets with Argentina opposition candidate

27 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES A team from the International Monetary Fund met on Monday with opposition candidate Alberto Fernandez, the front-runner for October's presidential election, according to a spokesman for Fernandez.

Argentina Treasury Minister defends use of central bank reserves: local media

25 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina´s newly appointed Treasury Minister Hernan Lacunza defended the use of Central Bank reserves to ward off further depreciation of the peso following presidential primaries earlier this month, according to interviews published in local media on Sunday.

Argentine peso ends higher after central bank sells dollars

21 Aug 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's promises to defend its beleaguered peso gained credibility on Tuesday after the central bank poured $112 million of its reserves into dollar auctions, helping to boost the currency about 0.5% a day after steep losses.

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