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Mexico says National Guard deployment to southern border starts on Wednesday

13 Jun 2019

TAPACHULA Deployment of National Guard forces to Mexico's southern border will advance quickly under a migration control deal signed last week with the United States, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said on Wednesday, although there were no visible signs on the ground late in the day. | Video

Wolves to lambs: Finding God behind bars in El Salvador

19 Apr 2018

SAN FRANCISCO GOTERA, El Salvador Pastor Manuel Rivera's voice echoes through the crowded courtyard in the notorious San Francisco Gotera prison in El Salvador, as hardened criminals weep and bow their heads in prayer.

From life as thugs to baking, El Salvador's ex-gang members seek peace

15 Dec 2017

SAN SALVADOR Gang life in the poor Central American country of El Salvador is hard, but for a dozen former members of the feared 18th Street Gang, building a new life outside is no less difficult.

Waiting half a lifetime for justice in El Salvador

19 Apr 2017

EL MOZOTE, El Salvador Survivors of 1981's El Mozote massacre are closer than ever to justice after the reopening of an investigation begun more than a quarter-century ago into the army-led killing of about 1,000 people, casting light on a horrific symbol of the unaccountability for atrocities in El Salvador's civil war.

As murders spike, El Salvador town doubles down on coffins

18 Apr 2016

JUCUAPA, El Salvador As El Salvador reels from a record wave of murders and a stuttering economy that has forced tens of thousands to emigrate, one town has turned to an unlikely refuge: the coffin industry.

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