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Juan Medina

Two toddlers among 73 migrants plucked from drifting dinghy off Libya

5:41pm GMT

ONBOARD OPEN ARMS, off Libya Some 73 migrants, many suffering from hypothermia and burns, were rescued by a Spanish charity ship late on Wednesday from a packed rubber dinghy that had been drifting off the Libyan coast for nearly 24 hours.

Spanish rescue boat finds life and death off coast of Libya

13 Aug 2018

ON BOARD THE OPEN ARMS, Mediterranean The wreck of the raft was a dot on the sea but as our rescue boat approached we saw a woman make an effort to wave, so at least there was life.

U.N. says migrants' return to Libya by Italian boat could be illegal

31 Jul 2018

ON BOARD OPEN ARMS A rescue operation in which an Italian towboat rescued more than 100 migrants and returned them to Libya earlier this week may have been in breach of international law, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

Migrant charity files manslaughter complaint against cargo ship, Libya

21 Jul 2018

PALMA DE MALLORCA, Spain The charity Proactiva Open Arms has filed a complaint, including of involuntary manslaughter, with the Spanish police against a cargo ship for failing to help migrants adrift on a destroyed dinghy in the Mediterranean. | Video

Migrant rescue boat heads for Spain with bodies, row simmers with Italy

19 Jul 2018

ON BOARD THE OPEN ARMS, Mediterranean A sea rescue charity is taking a lone survivor and the bodies of two dead migrants found at sea to Spain, it said on Wednesday, after clashing with Italy over what should be done with them.

Two migrants die on boat left adrift by Libyan coast guard - charity

17 Jul 2018

ON BOARD OPEN ARMS, Mediterranean A woman and a boy adrift in the Mediterranean died just hours before help reached their damaged dinghy, Spanish rescuers said on Tuesday after finding a second woman alive in the vessel, which had been carrying migrants towards Europe.

Remains of Spanish dictatorship's victims handed to families, 80 years on

19 May 2018

GUADALAJARA, Spain The remains of 22 people killed in the months following Spain's 1936-39 civil war were handed over to relatives in a ceremony in Guadalajara on Saturday after investigations into a suspected mass grave unearthed the victims.

Divided Catalans prepare to vote in close-run election

20 Dec 2017

VIC/CERDANYOLA DEL VALLES, Spain Catalonia votes on Thursday for a new administration in an election many hope will resolve Spain's worst crisis in decades after the region declared independence leading Madrid to sack local leaders.

Spanish Civil War victim's 91-year-old daughter finally buries her father

02 Jul 2017

MADRID On the cusp of her 92nd birthday and after decades of waiting and uncertainty, Ascensión Mendieta, daughter of a victim of political violence killed almost 80 years previously, finally buried her father on a bright Sunday morning in Madrid.

Spain beefs up African enclave security after hundreds storm border

20 Mar 2014

MELILLA, Spain Spain has more than doubled the strength of security forces at its North African enclave of Melilla, after about 500 people stormed its fences in the biggest border rush for years.

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